McDonald's Marketing Dept. Freelances for Kellogg's

Breakfast of Cham^H^H^HMorons!

Jeez, I laughed for 30 seconds and I don’t know why

Heh. Go-Tarts. What an awesomely terrible name.

I guess regular Pop-Tarts just weren’t portable enough.

I don’t get it, pop tarts were already a portable food … why do they need a portable version of them??

go tarts? more like go tards ROFLIRON

I’d hit that.

I was hoping for another one of those marketing make over videos like the IPod one. :(

I’d hit that.

That ad was comedy titanium.

In order to get the why of this problem, you must think like a marketing dummy.

I will pro-tem for one:

Well, all along we’ve maintained that Pop-Tarts are part of a complete breakfast. So, they have to be part of a complete breakfast forever, because contradicting benchmarks and prior copy are bad mojo. I mean, the guy who came with that stuff is now a senior veep, you know? And check these numbers for Nutri-Grain bars. It’s all about portability, and they don’t have to be toasted!

Note I stopped there, because anyone with the IQ above a chimp would postscript that with Our only problems, of course, are that Pop-Tarts were always portable, you don’t actually have to toast any of them and in fact some of them taste better if you don’t, and they are utterly devoid of nutritional value, unlike the bars we are trying to emulate.

Like I said, McDonald’s all they way.

While I completely agree with you - in fact, we don’t consider Pop Tarts part of anything resembling nutrition for our kids - apparently these things taste pretty good as a snack/treat, at least our kids thought so … but after the promotional pricing they didn’t justify a re-purchase.


I say remove the gotart and slyly replace with a nutri bar. THE KIDS WON’T KNOW.

They could get the GoBots to endorse them, if only anyone remembered them.

Leader one eats go-tarts

leggo my go-tart

Guys, I’m late for work and hungry. I’d eat a pop-tart but I just don’t have time. There has to be a better way

FACT: people who love poptarts lead exciting, active lives.