McEnroe: Worst Talk Show Ever?

I caught McEnroe’s new CNBC show this week, mainly out of morbid curiosity after reading the news that the show was registering a 0.0 rating. Oh man, it’s not hard to see why.

McEnroe is the worst talk show host since Magic Johnson. He had Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on for an extended segment, and Triumph absolutely eviscerated him. Okay, fair enough – I’ve never seen anyone really hold their own against Triumph, but Mac was particularly woeful. He looked awkward throughout and never came close to any kind of funny comeback. It was great, though, when Triumph kept referencing the fact that the show has no audience (“Let’s take a moment, John - your viewer just went to the refrigerator”) – and how bad the show is (“Your show sucks so hard, when I watched it last week the sides of the TV caved in”).

You know how to tell when a talk show’s hit bottom (well, apart from that 0.0 rating)? It’s when you have your own brother on as a guest. Yes, John’s brother Patrick was a guest on the same show. What are they, like, one month into the show, and this is how desperate they are for guests?

Dennis Miller is starting to look talented again.

Scary thought.

But yeah Mac is bad. I’d rather watch Pat Buchanan on Scarborough Country or O’reily.

Chevy Chase. Oh man, that show was awful!

Actually, I like Dennis Miller. I liked him on MNF, too, but I understand why he didn’t fit in. When your listeners think Pol Pot is some sort of European marijuana, Miller just isn’t going to fly with them.

And Mac’s wife cannot sing (maybe she used to have it, but she sucks on that theme song the few times I saw the program)