McRib, is it back?

So internets seem to be indicating that the McRib is back. can anyone confirm?

Somehow, the McRib has never again been as good as it was in the 80s.

They’re running commercials for it, so it’ll be back for a while, in Texas at least.

Agreed. I don’t know if it was the sauce, the quality of the meat, or what, but when it was first introduced when I was a kid/teen in the 80’s McRib was made of pure awesome, it was probably my favorite fast food sandwich at the time. I’ve tried it several times since when it’s been reintroduced, and it just doesn’t compare.

Maybe, like those old 8-bit video games from the same era, nostlagia makes me remember it as way better than it actually was…

Nah, both the chemoreceptive senses of smell and taste degrade over time. So nothing is going to taste as good today as it did in the past.

I had one yesterday (and yeah, I live in Texas). It was delicious.

I saw an ad for it last night, here in Kansas City.

I always feel sad when these excited threads come up. Here in Germany? The McRib is a standard menu item, available year round.

What the what? God, everything is wasted on the young. Even taste!

I guess all the gourmet restaurants and food you experience when you are older are best suited to teenagers, who are wasting their taste buds on fast food.

I miss Hawaiian McDonalds…

It’s not quite as bad as I made it out to be. I just wanted to be dramatic. Research seems to show that the significant taste bud dropoff doesn’t really hit until you’re 50. Enjoy those McRibs while you can!

McRibs don’t seem to be back at the local McDonaldses I’ve called up here in Boston.

Boston, once again, disappoints.

I’ve never had one of these.

I’ll never have one of these.


Seriously, anyone over the age of 15 eating at McDonalds should be ashamed. You really ought to know better.

You’re not supposed to eat those. You’re supposed to eat these:

Oh god, not again.

Just got back from McDonalds to check it out. Nope, not in my area yet. Those Angus burgers are pretty good, though.

After this thread piqued my interest I put in an emergency call to my fattest friend and confirmed McRibs are available locally. He and I will be leaving in about half an hour to gorge ourselves on them. Mmmm, I can feel my arteries tingling in anticipation of the cholesterol infusion.