Me got iPhone

Just uninstall it! I mean from “Programs & Features”, not just killing the service. I always uninstall Bonjour directly after every iTunes upgrade. iTunes doesn’t actually mind, it puts up one warning notice and that’s it. The Bonjour service is completely unnecessary to iTunes’ normal functionality.

Actually it’s Zone Alarm that does the interrupting. My bad.

Chris, thanks for the info. I’ll be doing that.

So I’m learning to use this thing, and I have to say I’m feeling very positive so far.

I really like the e-mail interface; it’s way way better than the Blackberry, which is the opposite of the conventional wisdom around my company. I haven’t really used it as a phone, except to call home and leave myself an obscene message as a proof of concept.

The first apps I put on there didn’t work, but after I drained the first battery charge and re-charged they suddenly all worked fine. I found a bunch of free books in the Kindle store that I actually want to read, with no qualifiers, and reading them onscreen is easy.


It really seems like the battery drains faster than my Blackberry battery, though on the other hand I’m using the iPhone more. How long should I be expecting the charge to last?

Are there settings that will prolong battery life?

Sometimes it wants to connect to Wi-Fi. What is the purpose of connecting to Wi-Fi versus staying in 3G? Does the data flow faster? Is the battery used less?

Plan on charging your phone overnight, and you’re usually okay unless you play a ton of games. It’s not always strictly necessary to charge at night, but if you get in the habit, you’ll very rarely run out of battery.

You always want to connect to Wifi, if possible. It’s both faster for data use and uses less battery.

When you’re connected to Wi-Fi data doesn’t count against your monthly allowance- and it’s typically faster too.

However, the popup “hey, what about these networks?” is annoying. I’d just connect it to the wifi networks you know about and disable the prompt-for-networks.

My iPhone 3GS lasts a day, but it’s old, and it gets pretty heavy use.

I have to say, I got the iPhone almost as an experiment - never really felt the need for one. But now, after only a few months, I wouldn’t want to go without it.

Example day, today:

Used the alarm clock app that I D/L, from iHandy, on the hotel bedside table (my eyes are horrible, but it provides a nice clock with weather with good sized numbers) and the alarm - had to be up early and never trust wake up calls. FlightTrack Pro buzzed and told me my flight out of O’Hare was showing as being delayed by an hour. As I was riding in the cab to the airport, emailed my wife from my Gmail account, checked Facebook and saw the sonogram of my son and daughter in law’s new baby due in April. Read this forum via Tapatalk and posted a couple of things.

After I got to the airport and was sitting at the gate (argh O’Hare is such a pain) my Flight Tracker Pro app buzzed and informed me they had moved my gate - quite a bit before they announced it on the PA.

While on the plane, I played a couple of albums while reading a Kindle book that was synched to my Kindle so it picked up on the last page I’d read. Kindle on the iPhone is a nice surprise, very readable. When I got to the next airport, I popped up Navigon, GPS, and it adroitly picked up on some flooded roads and routed me around them. I’ve grown to really like Navigon after a period of time of adjustment from my Garmin.

There’s more, but that’s how integrated the phone has become in my life. My Blackberry was never that useful to me.

Why are you guys not playing Uniwar with us?

If you have the slightest interest in making music, pick up Nanostudio. It’s an amazing, amazing piece of kit.

My home wireless is getting flaky. What I’d really like is a place to store my home wireless password so I don’t have to type it in every time I lose the connection. If there is such a thing I’m going to be really embarrassed.

It should rejoin known networks automatically. Hrm.

As others have noted, most people with a “normal” usage profile get a day out of a charge unless the are gaming heavily. I charge every night on the nightstand and I can’t recall the last time I didn’t make it through the day, with one exception.

Every now and then, some process or another seems to get wedged, at least on my phone. You can tell when this has happened because the phone gets very hot, even when you’re not doing anything, and the battery begins to drop at an increased rate. I’ve never had this not fixed by a simple reboot of the phone. This happens maybe once a month or so for me, on average.

As far as extending battery life: turn off Bluetooth, unless you have a need for it. If you start getting to where you’re worried about making it to your next charge, turn of wireless unless you’re using it. If you get really worried, turn off 3G – the EDGE modem uses less power for data transfers, from what I’ve read.

Normally it will. But after a few tries it defaults to the password screen. I really need to replace my router though.

My charge lasts for well over a day — I guess I didn’t know what to expect, since my BB lasted 4-5 days (light use). My expectations are now more educated thanks to all y’all.

Rich, my home wireless and work wireless both autoconnect without making me re-type the passwords.

I have found that the Navigon GPS app uses battery power at a pretty high rate - I always have a car charger connected when using it (which reminds me, I need to find a good portable (as in, car to car) mount for it.)

In my experience, activities that burn through your battery are (in order of power-hogginess): GPS, gaming, shooting photos and video. Most other activities should give you a generous day of use, but if you do a lot of the stuff above, you may hit the low power warning before the day is through.

Type your password into the notes app. Then just copy/paste it when you need to.

Yeah. I actually thought of that later on. A seriously derp moment for me.