"Me likey."

Everyone who has ever said this should be banned from speaking. That is all.

I don’t think you’re gonna like the responses to this thread…

Oh this should be good.

I expect the reaction will be ginormous.

In lieu of “me likey”, will you accept “I likes me some…” as a substitute?

You’re a super-reader, too.

Useless thread needs more useless posts.

Daddy like.

Phew. I saw the subject header and assumed one of the new accounts had posted a ginormous JPG of Scarlett Johansson’s nude scene in Ghost World or something.


Me rikey. Me rikey bery much.

While you are relieved that this didn’t happen, the rest of us are disappointed.

This is nowhere near as bad as the people who feel compelled to work their junk into every game discussion.

I’d really rather not know about your erections and ejaculations w/r/t the latest game trailer.

Me no likey.

It can be funny.

I watched the new trailer for the next MMO and I



my pants[/B]

Edit: Link for those unfamiliar with what I’m referencing.

fwap fwap fwap

That’s awesome.

This thread was prompted by an Arby’s commercial, of all things.

What’s wrong with stupid ways of showing great love or like of something? Quit being all “Ebenezer Scrooge” Extar, It’s Christmas! Me hopey you likey your presents.

I’ve seen that movie. I don’t remember a nude scene with her? I am puzzled…