Mech based RTS'es?


Any decent Mech based RTS’es from past or present?

I guess the Supreme Commander series is probably the most recent, I just wondered if there were others I’d not considered.


Mech Commander?


Command & Conquer 3 has a few mech-esque things.

Rise of Legends does as well, and it’s much better than C&C3 and Supreme Commander. Clockwork!


There was that not very good game that was all mechs, and you got to pick and choose different parts (arms, legs, etc). One of it’s big features, besides being all mechs (or mostly mechs), was that it had 3 “levels”. Battles could take place simultaneously under group, up in orbit/the air, and on the ground.

Space Rangers 2 had a mech-based RTS lite component. It was skippable if you didn’t want to do it.


/em slaps forehead


past? How about BattleTech: The Crescent Hawks’ Revenge.


Wasn’t that turn-based?


Metal Fatigue was pretty cool back in the day, but I’m not sure you’d be able to find it or get it to run nowadays :(


Metal Fatigue is the name of the game I was fumbling for. I’m not a big RTS lover, so keep that in mind when you consider my opinion of the game.


I suppose we can include turn-based suggestions… like Titans of Steel (which is a free download from Matrixgames I believe)…

I’ve been fiddling with Sakura Wars on the Wii (of all things) and with the new Front Mission on the horizon, I just wondered if there was a more fast paced Mech RTS out there that I hadn’t sampled.

I’m not entirely sure whether Ground Control (I or II) had Mechs in it.


Metal Fatigue is fun for a while, thought not really a game to take too seriously. It had some pretty good, if canned, animations for it’s time. It has some problems but I liked the 3 mission campaigns better than I liked the campaigns for most RTS games. The highlights include chopping weapons off mechs with melee weapons and either ejecting your own weapons to equip them or using your supply trucks to haul them back to base for assembly on a new chassis. If you like mechs and like the genre you’d almost certainly enjoy it.

GC1 did not have mechs. I didn’t play the sequel.


Its turn based, and a whole lot like Final Fantasy Tactics…and very Japaneese, but I have fond memories of Front Mission 3 on the PSOne.


Front Mission 4 is still one of my favorite tactical turn based games.


Yeah, god bless FM4.

There really is a shortage of good games in the giant-robots-blowing-shit-up genre.


And let’s not forget the vastly improved Mech Commander 2!


Both Mech Commanders are freeware


Meh, i’d take MC1 over MC2 any day. :)


The first Infocom BattleTech was, but the sequel Cresent Hawks’ Revenge was one of the early pre-Dune2 real time strategy games.


As soon as I saw the topic I thought “Metal Fatigue”. Man, did we have some great multiplayer and cooperative v. AI games with this. Was more of an appetizer than a full meal but for what it was, it was tons of fun.


Mechcommander and MC2 do NOT hold up well. I tried MC2 on my new Win7 machine the other day and…uh…it has not aged well. The graphics also kinda are a little corrupted in some missions too. I might still give it another go, as it was one of my favorite RTS’, but I’m not sure its a great starting point.