Mech based RTS'es?


There's an even older mech RTS called 'Machines' (or maybe 'The Machines'). It was okay...I just remember having fun with it. It came out about the same time as Metal Fatigue


Surprised no one mentioned the awesome Missionforce: Cyberstorm games. Looooooooooooove them.

MissionForce: CyberStorm
Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars


I dont know about that. I played MC2 a few years ago for the first time and enjoyed it. Ran in to no bugs. Of course the graphics weren't good, but the game is pretty old.


Lots of games have "mechs" in them, but I'm not sure I would really call them mech-based. I mean, even StarCraft has mech-like units in it. Well, maybe Emperor: Battle for Dune would sort of qualify.

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Also, don't forget the RTS sections from Space Rangers 2, which provided some neat customizable mech designs.


Some people actually didn't strongly dislike the the rts minigame in space rangers 2 (an otherwise good game)?


Same. MC1 is one of those games, like Diablo, where being isometric makes it almost impervious to the passage of time. You can't say that about MC2.


I loved MC1 too, maybe I should install that and see how it held up. Such great games for the time.


Would Total Annihilation count?


Huh, yeah, I s'pose it would. :)


It's just Machines. I have this, but can't get it to run on XP. I played it around the same time I was playing Total Annihilation. Interesting RTS. I remember you could directly take control of a unit in first person view and enter buildings. I always wanted to play it more but never did...


I remember having quite a bit of fun with the "Capellan solution" battletech mod for Command and Conquer Generals. If you have Generals, give it a go.


I'll have to look into that if I can find my Generals install disk somewhere....


I don't really consider that a proper "mech" game, much in the same way I don't consider Command & Conquer 2 or Dawn of War 2 to be "mech" games. Only TA's commander unit really comes close to being the piloted lumbering walker of destruction, and even the pilot is just a clone, and the other faction simply replaces the pilot with an AI. Same holds for SupCom. I mean yeah, robots, but mechs? I guess it depends on how you're defining them.

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I played it last year - thought it held up pretty well. MC2 was OK - missing some of the charm of the original.


I didn't like it all that much, but if customizable mechs are your holy grail (as they are for one of my friends) it's at least worth a look.


Heh, this thread makes me wanna load up Cyberstorm. :P


The ground control expansion had "powered armour suits" and mech commander 2 is one of the better free form rts. You had a good range of options.