Mech based RTS'es?


Ring of Red for the PS2 had turn based map movement with a sort of active time battle realtime combat. Takes place in an alternate WWII where mechs exist--they even have real black & white grainy war footage with mechs superimposed.


Avoid this game. Excruciatingly slow and clunky to play.


Great games both, but they're turn based. Still, pretty recommendable, especially if you got your mech start in the Earthsiege series like I did.


Well they said TB games would be accepted before I posted that. Also, Cyberstorm 2 has a real-time option. :)

oh, and I got my mech start with Battletech, but I do love the Earthsiege series too, very underrated.


As someone who likes mechs and enjoyed space rangers 2 a lot, the rts portion is just the worst part of the game by far, without much depth at all.


Any suggestions on where to find the Cyberstorm games? Google can't seem to find anything but torrents, GOG doesn't have them, and FilePlanet only has a demo.



Amazon has some copies. Barbaric isn't it?


Was #2 really that great? I loved the first one but after horrible reviews and near universal dissapointment in the second one, i didn't end up buying it.

Checking gamerankings, #1 got 83% and #2 got 63.5%.


I thought Google would have advertised Amazon results. Thanks Jason.


as is mechwarrior 4 it seems


Amazon my friend:

Missionforce: Cyberstorm
Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars

Both games, with their dynamic campaigns and great gameplay, are totally worth it.