Mechanical Keyboards - Filco, Das Keyboard, Model M - get in here!

As far as keymappings on the Moonlander, I had good luck replicating most of the thumb buttons from Kinesis on the Moonlander. First left large key for backspace. Right has space and enter. This, along with the columnular layout, sank my typing speed to a crawl. It got a LOT better over time. I type more faster and more accurately than ever. I’ve never been a fast typist, but I can sometimes hit 70 WPM now.

This is the layout I was using, but it’s a snap to change any keys. I think I went through about a dozen itereations before this became my permanent. The blue keys are regular num keys. I have them set to work as function keys with a long press, since the Moonlander doesn’t have an F row. I believe there are a bunch of layouts you can download and try on the Oryx site.

My Moonlander arrived! The Platform feels very solid, and I don’t expect to have any issues with instability. And it does manage to tent up overlapping my laptop as I had hoped, though only with the laptop on a riser (and I should try a shorter riser as this one forces a pretty high tenting angle).

Don’t think the columnar layout will be too tough of an adjustment – right out of the box with the default layout I was managing 60 wpm, and most of the drop was due to repeated typos on the same couple of letters. Getting used to using my thumbs for shift, backspace, and enter feels weird and slow, but I can already tell it’ll be a major improvement once I’m acclimated. Colemak-dh is the biggest stumbling block so far, but after a couple hours practice I’ve got the letter positions memorized and can concentrate my way to 12-15 wpm, so I’m confident speed and fluency will come.