Mechanical switch keyboards: Worth it?


Most mechanical keyboard that are ‘custom made’, especially those built by Korean enthusiasts, are around $300 and above. In comparison, $249 for the ergo keyboard is cheap, which made Matias’ debut even cheaper at $200. It’s probably a pre launch price and it’s a sweet spot, including free shipping WW.


Yeah, I really like the Matias, but I really want the audible/tactile combo if I’m going to drop that kind of cash on a keyboard.

I’d pay $300 if someone could mod an MS Natural 4000 with Cherry Blues. :)

For now, for ergo I’ll stick with my MS Sculpt Ergonomic. It has a dramatically better feel than the mushy Natural 4000, and its wireless has been flawless. Like the separate numeric keypad, too. There’s a bit of audible feedback, and the key action is good for scissor-type switches, it’s just that the throw isn’t very deep; it feels a lot like a MacBook keyboard with slightly more audible feedback.


It’s a coincidence I stumble upon this, Denny. Ergo in MX Blue for sale.


Alas, my Corsair K95 now has TWO dead LEDs within the warranty period. Already got an RMA number and all, but have to pull the O-rings off the keycaps to be able to ship the thing in. Supposedly they’re going to send me a replacement.


OK, finally managed to do the O ring thing, and am shipping the K95 off tomorrrow–using a Logitech G110 “gaming keyboard” as a stopgap. Ugh, what a mushy POS this thing is in comparison. You don’t know how good you have it with a mech keyboard till you don’t.


<humblebrag> I grew up on the Atari 400 keyboard. But then I used the famous IBM keyboard for a year in high school. Everything is now average. </>


I just bought a second Logitech G710+ for use with the XIM4 on PS4/XBO and it still feels quite good. Considering that nice Das up there though.


Oh, God, the Atari 400 keyboard may go down in history as the worst keyboard ever. The ZX-80/81 might be a close second. That was one reason I went Commodore VIC-20 instead of Atari. (The other was the better BASIC included with Commodores. Yeah, I’m a nerd.)

Still loving the Corsair K70. Favorite non-ergo keyboard since my old Northgate. Wish I’d kept that one!


Hmm, I like my K95 from Corsair, but I’m intrigued by the idea of a little tactile feedback when typing, which the Cherry MX Red switches don’t provide. Wonder if that G710+ with MX Browns would suit me.

Reading some of the reviews on Amazon, however, it looks like they have some quality issues with breaking keycaps, and instead of just shipping you out new ones, they rather idiotically require you to RMA the whole damn keyboard. Um, no thanks.

Where’d you get your K70 from, DennyA? I see that Newegg has the K70 with browns in stock for a non-ridiculous price.


Do they all have that awful tramp stamp Corsair logo now?


I bought the K70 with browns from Newegg for that specific reason. If I press a single key really slowwwly, I can feel a definite activation point, but in actual typing, it’s not at all apparent. I wouldn’t sweat it too much.


Got mine from Amazon, but with the Blues that make it sound like you’re in a computer lab in 1983. :)


Now the Blues make an audible click at activation as well, right? How do they work for playing games?


I picked the 400 because Vic-20 wasn’t out at the time, and it had more RAM, and STAR RAIDERS! After a few years of typing COMPUTE! listings, my fingers became very very strong…


Like most keyboard stuff, it’s really down to personal preference. I game (not as much as I’d like–alas) on Blues without any issue at all, and some pro SC2 players swear by them. Other folks strongly prefer non-tactile switches (perhaps because the bump can be distracting when doing double-taps? That’s what some people say, at least). . . then again, a whole generation of SC:BW pros won millions of dollars using a $15 membrane keyboard widely available in Korea.

Correct: re the click. To be super duper pedantic, it’s technically not quite aligned with the actuation/reset point (very slightly above it, so you can click past, type the key once, and keep carefully jiggling the key to repeat presses without clicking more), but this is meaningless in any reasonable use case. It clicks when you type :-D


Thanks for the reply, Armando. I think I’m going to be picking up a K70 standard with Blues and red backlighting, then.


I’m definitely liking the clicks. Made me feel like a power typer/gamer :)


That’s what I have on my gaming rig, Papageno, and I really like it. The click is a plus when gaming, IMHO.


Cool. Quick question–did yours come with a keycap puller? My K95 (currently on its way to Corsair for replacement) didn’t. Had to buy a WASD one.


Yes, came with a keycap puller and a number of shaped red keys to swap in. I installed the WASD keys (subtly shaped enough for regular typing) but left off the red number keys.