Mechanical switch keyboards: Worth it?



Spilled some diet Pepsi on my keyboard last night. Just. Horror. The Corsair R90 my wife got me for Christmas last year. THIS IS WHY I CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.

Thankfully, I unplugged it immediately from USB and brought it up to sink where I sprayed it down with water (I didn’t leave it under the tap or anything, I used the hose thingy) and then I used canned air and a dry cloth to dry it up, then I used a hair dryer.

I plugged it back in and things seemed fine. The lights were still working, every key worked, nothing felt sticky or “off”. Then the 5555555555555 dammit. Just kidding. The 5 kept being input, despite the key not actually being depressed (I was the one that was depressed). Both 5 keys seemed fine. I rebooted. Big mistake. Had a helluva time logging in. :)

I pulled out the canned air and sprayed and found it was still a little wet, so I tried the 5 keys and plugged it in, now the space bar was behaving the same way. Canned air again, and THEN everything seemed okay. I unplugged it and let it sit another hour or so, and it seemed fine and continues to behave normally, so yay for the resilience of mechanical keyboards!



You sprayed a mechanical keyboard with water? Is that the recommended procedure? I’ve heard of doing that with cheapo membrane type keyboards.

But hey if it still works, congratulations!


I’ve had my leopold at work for about 4 years, great keyboard… My mom decided she was going to get rid of her desktop to go laptop only, so I claimed her filco majestouch 2 for my new build… well I did buy it for her for xmas a couple of years back.


I’ve spilled beer on my model m twice. At least it’s old enough to drink.


You know that thing where people dry out electronics and use them again? There’s a bell curve of time-to-success, and the middle of that curve isn’t the same day. Just saying…


er, okay?


I spilled one ounce of plain water on my Corsair K90 last winter, and that was enough to cause it to go absolutely apeshit. I thought it was a goner for sure, the way it was acting.

I placed it near the floor heater vent, and checked it every hour or two, with no change. It took a solid 24-hour day until it dried out completely. It’s been just fine ever since, but it scared the shit out of me. Love my Corsair, BTW.


He’s saying you should have let it sit for a day or so before trying it…


Yeah, but it’s like, even if I could go back in time and suggest this to previous me, why? It all worked out okay.

I think it was mostly just the way he was trying to relay that info. I totally get I could have waited longer, but between the hair dryer and the canned air, it was as dry as it was going to get. He came across a bit snarky, I guess.


Look man, just admit you’re a bad person and also a bad mechanical keyboard owner and also that you were morally wrong like Hitler was morally wrong. Also, all the posts chastising you seem to end in ellipses, so…


Kudos, sir.


So, Das Keyboard went to Kickstarter to crowd source their next gen cloud connected mechanical keyboard. It is also the world’s thinnest mechanical keyboard.

They have cool concept. The idea is that your keys will light up base on certain condition that you set e.g. CPU temp, weather in San Francisco, email from boss, etc etc. They even have IFTT (if this then that) integration, so the recipes to do things with your workflow is endless.

And yet, it is gimmicky and what about security? Will this be the indirect key-logger ever?

They are already funded with 25 days to go. For $109 (if you can wait till someone left this slot and make it available), it is not bad.


I got one of the Fnatic Gear keyboards during their crowdfunding campaign and I really like it. (I went for the Brown switch version)

Took me a while to get used to the key configuration after years on MS natural keyboards. But it’s so satisfying to type on and feels very responsive.

I’m unlikely to ever go back to non mechanical now. Though I guess I managed to do so after using them in the 80ies…


Linky linky -


Looks like the ‘cloud’ functionality is solely for integration with third party services. For all other uses, the client software will provide its functionality locally, like other peripherals. Looks like cloud ‘events’ will be communicated to the client software via REST API. If you can trust Razer, et al, I guess this will be little different.

Can the Das Keyboard 5Q work without cloud connection?

Yes. Das Keyboard 5Q does not need Internet connectivity to be able to function.

Das Keyboard 5Q does not need any driver or software or cloud connection to work like a “normal” keyboard. However software is needed to configure the color and light effects of each keys.

If installed, the Das Keyboard Q desktop app is like a configuration app (like a mouse control panel) but for setting up the keyboard color profiles and accessing the REST API. The cloud connection is only to get signals from IFTTT, Zapier, etc…

I’m not 100% convinced, but it does look interesting. Really not sure their argument of key colour changes being visible in your peripheral vision will really hold up, unless thems be some seriously bright LEDs.


I’m not convinced either. But I know I will be consciously looking at the keyboard to get info, for instance when I’m not at my desk and then just walking past it, I could tell there’s an email from one of my VIPs if the V key start glowing red. I think there are some utility to this, I just wonder whether it’s going to last or it’s really just a gimmick that’s nice in the beginning.


Well, I think it’s definitely a gimmick. A cool gimmick, but a gimmick.

I’m tempted, and I think the odds of a keyboard kickstarter delivering are pretty good (as opposed to some of these pie-in-the-sky things I’ve seen recently like the handheld windows machine). But whenever I get close to donating I see the pricetag and I think “yikes!”

Of course, unlike software kickstarters, these hardware items probably won’t get cheaper over the course of the next year or so, so it seems like a reasonable thing to purchase… plus my current keyboard is all yucky… tempted!


Actually Das is considered a branded keyboard. They are not some unknown company. And for that price, it’s actually not too bad. I have way too many mechanical keyboards and even I am tempted by the gimmick!


I don’t really see the utility of a backlighted desktop keyboard. On a laptop, absolutely, very useful-- mandatory even. Same with a couch keyboard for a HTPC. But on a desktop, the monitor(s) are HUGE and 6 inches away. Seeing the keyboard isn’t a concern, ever.


That’s where you are mistaken, sir. The backlight is suppose to tell you the weather, not to light up the keys… /joking!