Mechanical switch keyboards: Worth it?


Sorry, I can’t hear your posting over the loud, electric hum of the 4,096 1337-ass LEDs I’ve Gorilla-glued to every surface, computing or otherwise, within arm’s reach (even my no-no place!).


You didn’t dry it for a couple of days? You got very lucky.


er, okay?


My Saitek Eclipse II finally died after years of use, what do I replace it with? I can’t decide, help me Qt3 you are my only hope!

Newest but not mechanical:



I Absolutely adore my Corsair K70 which the Strafe replaces. Though I haven’t tried anything else ever, so I can’t be too objective. And my cat managed to push the keyboard and break the wrist pad about a month after I got it.


I have the Corsair k70 RGB Cherry MX. It took some getting used to because I type a lot, not just game. I went from a Logtech G19 that was just, sometimes it was just flaking out on me. I had another Corsair before that I wound up ditching because it just didn’t work for me… but again only for long periods of typing, think creative writing for an hour. Gaming was never a problem. My only real loss from the Logitech was the macro keys. I miss my macro keys although I haven’t had a game I would use them in for some time now.


Das keyboard is pretty good actually. CM Quickfire is what I would propose though. They are pretty reliable and is one of the approved mech keyboard by the keyboard enthusiast community.


Love my Corsair as well. Solid, works great, USB port on the keyboard’s a nice bonus.


Lots of reviews read, decided to go with the AZIO, as it was in my price range and had pretty colors. :p

Brown switches are so different feeling compared to the membrane keyboards I have used for 10+ years. Me likey!

If the Corsair was $40 cheaper, I’d of for sure went with that.


That’s plastic right? I think part of Corsairs cost is the metal in the keyboard. I’d love to hear how you like AZIO down the road though. I am always on the hunt for new quality or at least value per price brands.


It’s actually brushed aluminum on the top surface, plastic bottom and a magnetic wrist wrest. Only used it for a few hours today, but it worked great for me in the 3 matches I played of Battleborn.


That’s awesome. I’ll have to keep an eye on AZIO products.


Pretty good deal on a keyboard with Cherry MX black switches, $25 after rebate and highly rated (on Amazon):


My Filco Mastertouch-2 is finally acting up (keys don’t respond as nicely). I haven’t spilled anything on it, so I guess the switches finally wore out or something.

Sept 2011, so 5 year lifespan.


I impulse ordered a hall effect keyboard off massdrop last week. Ships in Feb, I believe. It’s contact-less (uses magnets), waterproof, and supposedly will last forever (or whenever the magnets wear out). They are used in nuclear missile silos. Sounded too cool to pass up. We’ll see.


I want my keyboards to last forever and withstand spills. I’d be curious to know how this works for you.


Here’s the massdrop link if you’re curious. They’re hoping to do another drop 1st quarter of 2017. The keyboard was $100, which seemed reasonable.


You can always replace the springs?


Didn’t even cross my mind it could be repairable. I’ll check it out, thanks.


Probably a good ideas to pull out the key caps and just air blow the keyboard. The switches are supposed to last long. I suspect some dust or bread crumbs in between the keycaps.