Mechanical switch keyboards: Worth it?


The K70 RGB MK.2 was on sale for $120 at Amazon, which seemed like a pretty good deal, so I picked it up.

Actually replacing a 6 year old Das Keyboard, which still works perfectly fine but is dreadfully filthy.


Yeah, I think that’s what I’m doing too.


According to camelcamelcamel, the cheapest it’s ever been is $110, and it’s normally $140-$150.


$130 for the low-profile version, which I just bought. I do like the low throw, just not as insanely high of an actuation point as the Silver switches.


Whoops, looked into the low-profile switch and it’s too close to the Speed switch - same 1.2mm travel before actuation. Got the normal Reds.


I have a logitec G910 gaming keyboard. This keyboard lets you change the color of keys. I have set up a bunch custom colors on my keyboard. Now I have just built a new computer, and I did export my profile via the logitec gaming utilities. When I import them on my new computer, it did not restore my colors.

Does anyone know how I export or copy the color set from my old computer to my new computer?


Day 2: I fucking love this keyboard.


I’m pretty happy with the MX Reds on my K95 RGB.


I got one too. Not convinced that I like the wrist rest yet. I’m trying with it off now.

Have all the RGB set to barely-noticeable grey, and also setup a little macro thing so when I hit the numlock the numlock button lights up orange. That’s pretty cool, I guess.

I do wish there was some way to automatically turn off the lights when the keyboard has been idle for 5 minutes.

I plugged one of these bad boys into the rear USB port, works perfectly for windows logins and Lastpass. It’s a tap style, not a swipe. Swipe readers suck. This one has (so far) a 100% success rate reading my finger.


I have like two working USB ports (fucked if I know how I managed to fry them) so I’m stuck putting my mouse receiver in the keyboard USB extension.

Really, really liking this thing. Surprised you don’t care for the wrist rest; I enjoy it thoroughly. Like the texture quite a lot.

I have most of my keys slowly cycling between a dim/dark purple and a blue, and then highlighted keys (esc, tab, space, enter, etc) pulsing to a new random color every like 30 seconds. It’s pretty dope and not too annoying. My 5-year-old thinks it’s awesome, anyway.


Pretty sure there is. If not directly, then just create a profile that, when you press a key, lights up all keys for five minutes.


Yeah, no.

@ginger: That might be possible, but I don’t want to run their software in the background all the time.


Pssh. Don’t hate.


With the wrist rest, I think it’s just that my computer desk at home is a bit higher than the standard, actually being a glass-top kitchen table. I do use a squishy gel wrist rest at work.


Legit, could you record a video of that effect? It sounds baller AF


Dunno how potato Google Drive encodes it, but here:


Yeah that’s hot fuckin action