Mechanical switch keyboards: Worth it?


The K70 RGB MK.2 was on sale for $120 at Amazon, which seemed like a pretty good deal, so I picked it up.

Actually replacing a 6 year old Das Keyboard, which still works perfectly fine but is dreadfully filthy.


Yeah, I think that’s what I’m doing too.


According to camelcamelcamel, the cheapest it’s ever been is $110, and it’s normally $140-$150.


$130 for the low-profile version, which I just bought. I do like the low throw, just not as insanely high of an actuation point as the Silver switches.


Whoops, looked into the low-profile switch and it’s too close to the Speed switch - same 1.2mm travel before actuation. Got the normal Reds.


I have a logitec G910 gaming keyboard. This keyboard lets you change the color of keys. I have set up a bunch custom colors on my keyboard. Now I have just built a new computer, and I did export my profile via the logitec gaming utilities. When I import them on my new computer, it did not restore my colors.

Does anyone know how I export or copy the color set from my old computer to my new computer?


Day 2: I fucking love this keyboard.


I’m pretty happy with the MX Reds on my K95 RGB.


I got one too. Not convinced that I like the wrist rest yet. I’m trying with it off now.

Have all the RGB set to barely-noticeable grey, and also setup a little macro thing so when I hit the numlock the numlock button lights up orange. That’s pretty cool, I guess.

I do wish there was some way to automatically turn off the lights when the keyboard has been idle for 5 minutes.

I plugged one of these bad boys into the rear USB port, works perfectly for windows logins and Lastpass. It’s a tap style, not a swipe. Swipe readers suck. This one has (so far) a 100% success rate reading my finger.


I have like two working USB ports (fucked if I know how I managed to fry them) so I’m stuck putting my mouse receiver in the keyboard USB extension.

Really, really liking this thing. Surprised you don’t care for the wrist rest; I enjoy it thoroughly. Like the texture quite a lot.

I have most of my keys slowly cycling between a dim/dark purple and a blue, and then highlighted keys (esc, tab, space, enter, etc) pulsing to a new random color every like 30 seconds. It’s pretty dope and not too annoying. My 5-year-old thinks it’s awesome, anyway.


Pretty sure there is. If not directly, then just create a profile that, when you press a key, lights up all keys for five minutes.


Yeah, no.

@ginger: That might be possible, but I don’t want to run their software in the background all the time.


Pssh. Don’t hate.


With the wrist rest, I think it’s just that my computer desk at home is a bit higher than the standard, actually being a glass-top kitchen table. I do use a squishy gel wrist rest at work.


Legit, could you record a video of that effect? It sounds baller AF


Dunno how potato Google Drive encodes it, but here:


Yeah that’s hot fuckin action


A few months ago I got the Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro 2 in white. It took a little bit of adjustment, but I’m banging out a few thousand words a day on this thing now. I miss the arrow keys, but I love this damn keyboard. I had to put some grips on the bottom, because it slid around on my desk. I also ended up getting a small wrist rest, and a better USB cable. Another nice thing is that it sits on top of my MacBook’s touchpad if I’m writing on the couch due to it’s small size.

So I get the HHKB love now, but I also understand how some people wouldn’t care for this keyboard, especially for the price.


Mmm, no F keys, no sale.


It’s a wonderful keyboard because of the thock, thock sound it made but the lack of arrow keys made it very difficult to use at work (for me) especially when there’s lots of editing and spreadsheet.

There is a new Bluetooth model which I think will complement a nice Mac/iPad Pro set up.