Mechanical switch keyboards: Worth it?


Yep, I believe my corsair requires a second plug. If I was on a laptop, I would use a powered USB hub to avoid any issues with that.


I picked up a Das Keyboard w/ brown switches about a month ago. I’ve been using various iterations of the Apple USB and wireless keyboards for years (I like the low footprint), and I was surprised how unfamiliar the mechanical keys felt for a while. The spacing of the keys, the extra travel, my hands being at a different angle due to the keyboard being taller overall, etc., all contributed. I’ve stuck with it and have mostly re-acclimated, but that first reaction was something I wasn’t expecting.

I really like the keyboard overall, more and more as I get back used to the feel of it. Good feel, solid build, and a nice no-nonsense vibe (e.g., no LEDs doing crazy animated disco stuff).


Do you have to pay extra to get custom key caps like these?

Are the custom caps sold by DK or only from third-party sellers?


Good question. I don’t know, unfortunately, as I just wanted plain black keys. I didn’t do any custom configurations and ordered via Amazon.


Custom key caps may be a cool way for me to solve the problem I described above.


I am thinking of getting a Das Keyboard at some point.


Having the LED cut-outs and such in the keys? Yeah, that’d do it. Though if you’re OK w/ lettering on the tops rather than the fronts of the keys, you don’t have to go that far. The vanilla DK4 will do the trick. Note that the caps/num/scroll lock indicators on the top right are blue LEDs and are very bright, however.


I’m now thinking of buying a Ducky One for my desk at work. But I’d have to get a mechanical keyboard that gives me the feel of my MX Blues without the noise. Sounds like I might want the MX Clears?

I wonder if the feel will be worth it, though, without the clack. I spent so many years typing on a Northgate keyboard that went from my Amiga 2000 to 4000 to my P166… It’s the clack I’m attuned to when touch-typing.


Sounds like Browns are what you are looking for. Clears are heavier than Browns. I like Clears but if I type all days, my fingers will feel very tired.


Yes, I got the Browns and really like them. Still get a little bit of a click, but not the way too loud sound of Blues. I tried Reds, but couldn’t handle the lack of feedback/floatiness.


What are Reds good for? Supposedly they have no click at all. Are they intended for typists? [ed. nope]


Love my reds. Have ye no confidence in your fingers that you need a bump and a click to know you pressed a key? ;)


I think I may get the browns instead since they’re kind of in the middle between typing and gaming. I want something with a volume knob and headphone (or USB I guess) jack. Not sure if I want 10 key or not.


Careful of das. I’ve read people saying the quality has changed. Anecdotally both my das keyboards died within months.


This is exactly where I came out logic wise, and I am happy with my decision.I got the Corsair K70 Mk2 back when it was on sale. I tried both the Reds and Browns, and went with Brown. I found with the Reds, I was inadvertently double tapping things while typing documents, due to the floatiness of the keys.

The Browns feel really good to me.


Cherry is the company that makes the switches. Brown (or Red, or Blue, or Silver, or…) is the actual design of the switch.

Also as noted Reds are the best and y’all are weird ;)


Cherry Reds, yes. I always get that screwed up because I associate cherry with red. Now I need to go edit my posts for clarity. :)


According to Lou Gramm, it’s either cherry reds, or Midnight blue…


Have any of you gone tenkeyless? Do you miss the numpad?


Me. No, don’t miss the Numpad at all. And I like that I don’t have to stretch the mouse hand too far.