MechAssault CTF

Now that MechAssault has it’s CTF mode and improved lobby stuff, I’m going to go download it and fire up a game.

You can add my gamertag if you want: Rear Admiral

Those of you with the game, we should set up a QT3 match one night. Any suggestions on a date/time? Anything after 9pm eastern works for me.

Sweet! Me too. My gamertag is JasonCrossSucks. Yes, it really is. Go look it up.

Any other interest Live games released lately? What are people playing on Live these days?

I’m not sure, Mark. I think Ghost Recon, the new Wolfenstein, and MechAssault are the big ones. Unreal Championship still gets played, too.
And of course several sports games, but I’m not so much into that.

re:MechAssault - it’s like they borked it in the latest update. The Optimatch doesn’t work right for a great many people, myself included. It just doesn’t want to display the list, so you’re lucky to find just a couple of games. Once you get a game going, you automatically re-join with the same people if you wish, so that’s good. And there’s an icon of who is talking and all that jazz.

Quickmatch seems to work fine, and invites for friends works fine. Getting a QT3 game together shouldn’t be a problem at all, since when you host you can reserve X slots for public joining and X slots for friend invites. All we need is for the host to have all the QT3 people added to their buddy list and invitie them.

CTF is a lot of fun. The desert map for it is cool. I still need to work out some strategy, but I’m getting the hang of it.

Interestingly, you download maps and Mechs individually within the game. And you can pause and later resume downloads, which seems odd because they’re all so short.