MechAssault Discussion?

So I’ve been playing MechAssault just a freaking ton. I got XBox Live and have been online until my fingers bleed :). I know the game is a year and half old but they are including it in the new XBox Live Starter Kit which means there are tons of people of all skill levels online. There are lots of new guys who just got a Kit for Christmas, plus lots of vets from last year. I’ve been playing and getting better but my deaths still exceed my kills by a little bit: the online competition can be scarily fierce.

Does anyone know of a good place for discussion of this game, specifically online strategies, tactics for the various mechs, and so on?

I’d like to get better. I also have some questions about which Mechs have which abilities and how the weapons and defenses match up.

So far the game seems to have a lot of depth in terms of different Mechs being good for different game types and for each strong Mech type to have certain weaknesses.

I tried the usual suspects but there doesn’t seem to be a good discusion going on anywhere I can find it.


I don’t have any useful comment, but you might want on of these shirts.

Did you try the Xbox Live forums? I am not sure if that one of the usual suspects.

– Xaroc

Yep, thats one of the first places I looked. Sadly, the forums are essentially full of navel-gazing debates about who the “legendary Mech drivers” are, along with lots of clan and player macho posturing. There is very little (almost zero) discussion of strategy and Mech info.

Gamefaqs does have some fairly detailed articles on individual Mechs, which is a decent help.

I’m beginning to tire of MechAssault now. As much enjoyment as I got out of it, its a fairly shallow game in the long run.

I actually picked up the old Mech Commander 2 game (a Myth-type tactical RTS for the PC from a couple years back) and have been enjoying that. Far more tactical depth, although of course it cannot compete in terms of graphics, action, adrenaline rush and so on.


I liked MechCommander 2. Reminded me a lot of Battletech 2: The Crescent Hawks Revenge.

Then I went and fired up Battletech2 with DOSBox and was amazed at how much easier games have gotten to play.