Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5: Single player inside!

Sweet and sour chicken, sixth time was the charm. I had been taking things slowly as you all suggested but the dog gone tanks and choppers loved to sneak spawn on me. I was able to take on the Spider with my AC10 intact and it made the difference. After it went down I did a victory dance but kept my eyes peeled. Sure enough, two more tanks spawned in on the way to the dropship. My CT was armor-less and in the red, and my other parts weren’t much better off. I got so nervous trying to take out two light tanks that I almost bought the farm 100 meters from my ship. Me and the Major are going to have a discussion about what constitutes “all” ground forces being eliminated.

I was able to do the next mission on the first try thanks to the repair bay conveniently located within the mining base. The game has opened up now and I’m at a loss of where to go. The Major suggests going off and recruiting pilots, but there are some contracts available… what do you guys suggest?

Definitely grab some pilots, assuming you have any mechs for them to use—they are a big help.

As for where to go, up to you, but pay attention to the recommended level for the regions. You can get into trouble if you move too far out of the low level zones.

It goes to show that tuning difficulty in a single player game is pretty challenging. I’m going to go out on a limb and say MW5 is easier than MW4 and 3 and even 2; but maybe harder in a different way. The previous game had big difficulty spikes; I remember having to replay missions five six times or more. MW5 I think I have had to restart missions a handful of times in 50+ hours of game but the game does keep me on my toes more consistently than previous ones.

I’m finally on a role as AI lance mates help a lot. I picked up two more pilots and I’m fielding 1 medium and 3 lights. I just hate it when I take down a juicy medium mech but can’t scrape together the 9 or so shares I need to get it, but I’m slowly building up my weapons stockpile and reputation. Everyone here is a big fan of the Federated Suns, right? Right?

I wound working mostly for Steiner though I did stints in Marik space.

Weirdly the way the map is set up you can’t really stick with Davion because I think the highest conflict zone there is rep 8. Odd design decision.

If I run out of high-rep missions for Davion I’ll probably hop over to Steiner space.

Still humming along. I’m at rep level 6 and still doing missions in FS space. I was able to buy my first hero mech… a gauss rile, pulse-laser packing hunchback. In 3018. This thing can put a real hurting on other mechs, but the cockpit view is going to take a lot of getting used to since half of the view is obscured by the gauss rifle mount.

Can someone tell me the benefit of pulse lasers over regular lasers? How about burst fire auto cannons vs. regular auto cannons?

Pulse lasers are all in their stats – they tend to do slightly more damage over a slightly shorter time, so their damage is easier to concentrate.

Regular ACs vs burst-fire ACs are exactly the same. That said, I tend to prefer burst fire because I find it makes hitting faster mechs easier and as a result, I might get 50-75% of the damage on target (albeit not concentrated on one location) instead of whiffing entirely.

If anyone would like to voice in, now that you’ve all had time to dig deep into the core of the game, what is your consensus of the game?

I think it’s fine. It has bits of jankiness to it, and as always isnt nearly simmy enough, but for the pure I’m in robot as big as an office building stomping and shooting bitches to make money to buy even meaner shooter robots-fun of it, it’s a fine game.

These guys did mechwarrior online, and imo, this one is far better. Get it. Shoot some bitches. Just ignore the talking heads, as their writing and voice acting, heck even their models are really laughably bad. The game takes a bit to get going, but once you are a free merc company stompin’ around the galaxy,

Yeah it’s good.

Agreed it’s a good mercenaries game. I had a lot of fun with it and replaying it co-op now is also a blast.

I want that!

My campaign kind of stalled for 2 reasons. Firstly, over the holidays, I’ve decided to commit to completing Witcher 3, played it for over 60 hours more and I am still nowhere near the end. What an awesome but extremely huge game!

Secondly, at rep level 8, I’ve decided to do some high value mission (BTW I’ve missed a whole bunch of them while leveling up to 8, should probably go back and complete them). Up to now, I’ve probably restarted a couple of missions and only because I wanted to reduce the damage I’ve received, there was never a mission I failed. Until now. I’ve failed this one probably 10 times.

I am at 195 tons out of 200 IIRC but I don’t really have any hero mechs (I have 1 light hero mech but it doesn’t matter for this mission), so all my mechs are standard. My pilots’ skills are at ~25 and maxxed out for a while as I wasn’t able to find better pilots so far.

I’ve never encountered such a challenging mission up to now and I’ve played a bazillion of them. Surely, I should have just reloaded and skipped that mission for now but I got stubborn and decided to power through it. It was a mistake. I got so frustrated with the game, I haven’t touched it since. So for about 2 weeks now. :)

I should get back to it as I really liked it until that one mission. I wonder if the devs released any patches recently.

Supposed to be a big patch mid January, and mod tools coming soon.

Mod editor v1 released with more to come

Ooh I might try my hand at building Old Man’s Mod, slowing the game down by increasing armor values and relative weight of everything.

Now that is of huge interest! Any word on VR support? I’ve got an impossible choice for game purchases that has me completely paralyzed. The scales are so balanced, I’m waiting for something to sway me. Will have to be price / features.

DCS Viper
Mechwarrior 5

Eventually all of them, but start out with the Jeff… gently

Some graphics improvements for Nvidia from DLSS 2.0 along with the bug fixes and mod editor improvements in the latest patch.

Game is $50 on the Epic store. Worth it?

As much as it pains me to say it, no. Unless the game gets improved to increase longevity, it’s probably better as a sale buy. Right now, you’ll likely get 10-15 hours of enjoyment then it will get old (which may be all you want anyway). The saddest part is that it isn’t due to the core gameplay but the mission design and the lack of options for skirmish matches.

I agree. Its opening up to mods, so it might have some legs on it.