Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5: Single player inside!

Still the best, with up to 50 players on the server (although only 8 in a single battle/match) at once.


In MW5, depleting armour in a leg hobbles the mech - makes it move slower (but you’re not immobilised) and has a limping animation. Further damage goes to on that leg will go that side torso (or the center torso if that side is gone). Losing both legs will incapacitate the mech, so you want to focus the other leg once the first one is “broken”.

Hmmm, I was searching for more info but oddly there’s not much details on this - there’s mention that transferred damage might be reduced since there’s apparently some of that in MWO. For some reason I assumed it worked like ammo explosions with the damage trickling through via the internals but haven’t watched the indicators closely enough to tell - I’m usually trying to watch for the indication that I’m hitting the other leg.

EDIT: It does look like the heavy limping is only temporary and then it’s a minor speed loss? The speed loss looks like less than 50% in my own mechs when I’m missing a leg (more like…20%?), but I notice the limping a lot when I’m targeting enemies because that helps sooo much in slowing down all those fast light mechs.

Currently mostly annoyed at the salvage drop rates - why are there never enough salvage shares and/or all those mechs I don’t have are not dropping as salvage. I’d like to start collecting some heavier mechs!! Maybe I should just switch to going all-in on the C-bills and look for them in shops instead.

The DLCs improved the game quite a bit. In particular the kestrel lancers campaign is well done.

It’s nothing that rises to the level MW3 but it’s a good effort, and the graphics and sound design and the stompiness are still very satisfying.

Arise Robot!

Saw this 30% off right now and a friend bought it.

That raised the question in my mind: is coop any good in this because I could be convinced to fire it up with him and run thru the campaign together if so.

I found coop very enjoyable, though it’s mostly just a second person along for the ride with limited agency in choices overall.

I bet this is great fun with a buddy and an open comms line. It’s also on Xbox game pass, and plays pretty dang good on the box.

I played it on my Series X last weekend. Now, the first Mech you get is some tiny little speedster Mech, but it felt too much in the middle. Not fast enough to work as a third/fist person shooter, but not slow enough to feel like you were in a big Mech. At least not using that initial Mech and during the first missions I did with it. I might give it more time later though as it wasn’t horrible or anything. Just not super engaging during the first few hours.

Jumped into coop with a friend just now and we got wrecked, neither of us much know what’s going on other than we brought a knife to a gun fight (pretty sure it was lights on our end mediums ganging up on us for AI side).

Which prompted me to circle back and ask for those who have played this coop, did you get a solid Lance together in SP and then play coop so you could field the right hardware for the job?

Because this was the first mission you can play coop, like mission 3 or something, and we were not even close to ready for what we encountered.

Note also: not a high level of competence playing this, got hundreds of hours in Battletech, but that’s a whole different thing.

I bounced off of this several times, despite being a long-time BT fan and having played all the other MW games (and MWO). I always wound up with a bunch of broken 'Mechs and no way to fix them.

So far that’s what’s happening to us, chewed up mechs that cost more to fix than we made taking the mission. We’ve parked the coop to see if we can make progress in SP and get a lance together that’s not just lights because that’s clearly not working.

It puzzles me why a game designer doesn’t include difficulty levels in a game like this. Even just two would have been nice. It’s no more complicated than reducing the enemy numbers because it’s pretty apparent even from my limited time with it the devs only way of making the AI function as an adversary is spamming superior numbers at you.

But then maybe that’s just a thing with mech games, because Battletech routinely even in the earliest stages of the campaign threw 3 to 1 odds at you. And that was just the first wave on a mission.

You should have more than enough money to repair, though failing missions outright can be pretty dire early on. I usually put my negotiation points toward salvage rather than payment, but a thing you can also do is put negotiation points into damage coverage which should help with repair costs.

Make sure you are in a conflict zone with mission appropriate to your rep level and mechs. Try to hit planets with several missions so you aren’t wasting a lot of money on travel early on.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll be diving back in to figure it out for sure. It’s fun to stomp around in mechs FPS style.

The initial shock was from jumping into a coop game and getting utterly destroyed because the mission choices we had were both way too difficult for what we were fielding.

Apparently new DLC called Call to Arms came out for this today.

I should try this game out while it’s on game pass. I think it was the Mech4 campaign that completely killed my interest in their universe because it was aggressively uninteresting. It kind of reminded me of what little I’ve seen of the Warhammer 40K universe. Ugh.

If you thought the Mech 4 campaign was meh, this one may not do much for you either. It didn’t for me, and I liked Mech 4.

Does anyone have any information on Epic vs Steam for this game? I was initially turned off by it, but I understand mod support has done a lot for it. I’m also looking co-op and maybe a VR mod for my Reverb G2. Is either client better or worse for this game?

It was Epics first game to use their version of Steams workshop for mods. It works fine for me with about 6 or so mods running. Yes mods make it much better imo. Especially the AI ones.

I played a lot of MWO and I still didn’t find this game super-easy. The difficulty seems more aimed at people with at least some MWO experience than complete beginners.

Is this true today or recently? The (low sample size) version I’m seeing in videos and forums is that it was great, but with the release of each DLC, it breaks the mods. This is true in most games. However, apparently the hassle of fixing them via the Epic workshop is not worth it. Thus more and more mods migrate to the Nexus mod site as mod makers just update their mods there such that very few still are maintained on Epic. I can’t tell if the Steam workshop is the same or similar. Apparently nothing is currently work due to the release of Call to Arms DLC.

But I admit, I’m on the outside looking in. I can only find an opinion here or there with most content/ opinions being a few months or more old, which was before Call to Arms broke everything with the melee overhaul, saying mod X is awesome.

Not sure haven’t played in 6 months or so. They worked then. The new DLC is the first one I’m not interested in. Imo a big part of the difficulty is all the obnoxious vehicles. Mods helped with that while also upping the AI behavior of your lancemates and enemies. I might fire it up later today. I still play MWO every few weeks for a few rounds

No idea, but that’s usually on the games themselves. I did a few mods for Dead Cells on steam, and every update broke them.

The hassle on Epic workshop surely is the same as any other system? you upload a zip, put a description, categories, etc
What happened is, most probably, only owners of the game on EGS can use the mods uploaded on EGS, and modders didn’t want to bother having to upload them in several places, so they chose a ‘neutral’ one that serves both from the Steam and the EGS versions: Nexus mod.