Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5: Single player inside!

It’s tough until you figure out how the game wants you to play. Ideally at that point you are in the repaired Centurion and not still driving around in the Jenner. You should prioritize minimizing the damage you take and that involves always moving at max speed and killing the spawns as fast as you can. Turning up the auto-aim in the settings can help with that. Targeting air units with your missiles and manually hitting the ground units can help you take out 2 targets at once. When you do get to the Spider, and you aren’t a wreck, just AC10 the legs a few times and you will take away it’s only advantage which is speed. From there either core or leg it and then skedaddle.

Which is why I have absolutely no truck with MW5. I don’t want my MW sims to be twitchy arena shooters where you’re expected to take down lances of enemies on your own. The breaking point for me was the mission where the real-time repair bays were introduced. At that point I realized the trick that PGI had played on me, and uninstalled.

I did finally manage to beat that mission. I watched a video and took it very slow, inching my way to spawn as few enemies as possible and taking them out before moving forward.

Is anyone familiar with the piolet overhaul mod? It adds traits to piolets and allows you to train them and remove bad traits. Only I do not know how to do that. On the piolet menu there is a training button, which brings up a list of things I could do with them. Then it says to press space to select training, which I do, but then you are stuck on that screen and hitting ESC just cancels it all.

I remember being introduced to them, and then never seeing them again in dozens and dozens of missions before getting distracted and setting the game aside.

I guess you never played MW3

In that case I would highly recommend MW 5 because it really isn’t that game.

Lance ai will hold their own, and can be really effective if you give them commands.

Not sure if this was fixed after initial release.

It was fixed. Pretty bad AI at launch. Mods make it even better for both squadies and bad guys if that’s your thing.

To say nothing of the wacked out spawning on non campaign missions. Career mode, with that, would be a nightmare. Happily it isn’t and Coyote really spices things up.

They show up on an early mission, and almost nowhere else.

Now if only the official soundtrack was a bit more memorable but I guess you can’t have it all. The base game and DLC have some tracks that have their moments. In my opinion, most of it comes off as generic rock rather than something that screams the BattleTech (Mechwarrior) setting though; it’s no Mass Effect soundtrack that is for sure.

This usually ends up being one of my go to sources if I want some backing music while stomping around:

echWarrior 5: Clans sports a gripping set of gameplay features for new and veteran pilots:

  • The Clan Invasion is here: For the first time since MechWarrior 2 (released in 1995), pilots can immerse themselves in an action packed Clan Invasion story - one of the most epic time periods in the franchise that changed the course of the Inner Sphere’s factions and politics forever. MechWarrior 5: Clans is the absolute perfect entry point into the MechWarrior universe for newcomers, and the game which veteran pilots have been waiting more than 30 years to play.

  • This Isn’t Run-and-Gun, This is MechWarrior: Celebrated core MechWarrior combat returns in MechWarrior 5: Clans. Pilots must strategically plan and execute Star-based team assaults if they are going to bring honor to Clan Smoke Jaguar while advancing their position within the Inner Sphere.

  • Customizable Mechs: Victory starts in your Mech Lab with an expanded collection of technologically advanced Clan weapon systems, equipment and Upgrades. Clan Mech’s superior technology grants you the ability to swap out larger parts for greater customization and functionality ahead of assaults. Plan accordingly based on terrain, structure, and biome specificity for the best chance at victory.

  • All-Star Strategy: Your squadron (aka your Star) is depending on you. Protect the members of your Star in battle, deepening your bond as you engage the Inner Sphere’s determined defenders. Immerse yourself in the story as you lead your Star through the complex missions and thrilling combat.

  • Stunning Visual Design: Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine, MechWarrior 5: Clans abounds in environmental detail and destruction - from precisely designed confined cityscapes to bogs spanning incredible distances, battles will take shape on breathtaking landscapes and the complex infrastructure of the Inner Sphere.

Me gusta mucho!

Might actually get me back to try it again.

This post deserves it’s own new thread! But we should get @tomchick to name it. He’s good at naming threads.

Eh, clans. But more Battletech is always good, I suppose.

Yeah I am in favor of more Battletech.

Clans can be interesting, but, Smoke Jaguars? The clan that infamously nuked civilians? Along with other atrocities my old brain is undoubtedly forgetting at the moment.

Not a clan I would want to role play.

But it is early yet so maybe they’ll address that.

I hope it truly is more than an expansion pack with a full price tag.

I loved MW5 to pieces, so will be happy for anything new, DLC, expansion or full game.

I hate space fascists of any flavor


Latest DLC is out. Anyone tried it?