Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5: Single player inside!

New game?

Also one more DLC coming. Nice. MW5 is my current favourite xbox time waster.

I was wondering if mods had helped this game and it seems they have.

I’ve been wondering about that, thinking about playing. So you’re pretty happy with how it plays on Xbox?

Oh yeah. Running rings around some poor sap in his 85 ton charger piece of shit while little raven’s machineguns go dakkadakkadakka at his feet. Yeah that’s a fun time. Looks good too on the BFS.

Or taking the king crab out for a walk, zoom in, aim the two big cannon at his face and go BOOM headshot bitch.

I’m half sold on this post alone, that sounds like proper MW gameplay. Forgive me for not reading the the thread, is this MP only or is there a campaign? And if so, is it burdened by protection and timed missions, or can I build and alpha and run and jet and whatnot?

I’m almost sold… But dang his archer seems to have unlimited ammo

There are in fact two single player options:

Story campaign - I don’t recall there being timed stuff, outside of the universe sort of advancing as you play (advancing = more tech showing up). Note that you can still do side missions and stuff. There might be multi-part story missions you have to do consecutively, I can’t recall.

Career Mode - ditch the “story mode” and just do missions to taste.

IMO, the game needs mods to shine because it’s a bit too stripped down in vanilla. with mods - you don’t need many - you can add back in more detail to components (engines, gyros, etc) and I think it brings out more in the game. Yet Another Mech Lab is fire, as mods go (there are a lot of additional things you can add if you run YAML, adding mechs and specialized tech and such, but you can skip that stuff too).

I bought this game on PC a while ago, played a few hours, then had to refund it. It seems like as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more sensitive to motion in first-person games, and boy did this game make me sick! I was really disappointed, because I used to play a lot of Mechwarrior Online a decade ago without any problem.

However, I recently loaded it up on Xbox Game Pass and played a quick mission without too many problems. Anyone have any idea why? I was thinking it may have something to do with the distance between my sofa and tv compared to my pc monitor at my desk, but I have no idea.

I just had a thought… VR?

Strangely only on PC and as a mod.

FOV setting maybe? They tend to be different by default on PC vs console.

So you guys bumped this thread without mentioning the new game in development :P

I’m excited. I still play both MWO and MW5. Oh it says singleplayer but Coop will be baked in from my understanding.

read again the thread :P

LOL I missed that and saw the next one as the most recent that said new DLC on the way :). Oh well double bumped for new game now!

He has 2200 ammo, 2 LRM 15 launchers, so, 2200 / 30, 73 salvos. Not unlimited. :D

This seems like a no-brainer for VR support though doesn’t it? This would be my ultimate VR experience. Have you tried the mod to play in VR?

Probably advancing the timeline to the Clan Invasion, since that’s the obvious move.

Makes sense. It’s the same way the progressed MWO as well.

Nope, HOTAS support is a pc masterrace kinda thing with this game too. A serious amount of getting shit right to get that to work, let alone on a pit setup like mine with its four controllers.

I could of course try it sitting in the pit holding an xbox controller…

Fuck you Jeff for kicking me down that rabbit hole! (/s)