Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5: Single player inside!

Wait till you mod it, then you can really customize like a mad man. I have Yet Another Mechhlab running with about 15 other mods. Good stuff!

Do these mods work with the Gamepass version, or just Steam?

They work on Gamepass too, but you have to get them from Nexus or some other source, whereas in Steam you can just hit “Subscribe” on the workshop.

I played the Gamepass version for a bit and then uninstalled it when I found out it doesn’t come with the Inner Sphere DLC, which means no career mode (just campaign).

Added it to my Steam wishlist and two days later it went on sale on Steam. Fortuitous timing there.

Mods too!? FanTASTISH.

Boy oh boy. Work just ended and installing. Gotta go to the store and make dinner for the family and help son with Algebra and daugher with an essay and spend some time with the wife, but can’t wait to turn it on and fall asleep at the load screen!

With my favorite genres of games being so damn good these days it is just a cruel timeline to be a fully engaged father with a demanding career.

And as expected very rusty with the whole throttle / legs / body control scheme. Mouse and keyboard seem to be doable for now while I get oriented.

But oh fuck. Missions are long and you can’t save in the middle. That’s going to be quite painful, and maybe a deal killer. Off to see if there is a mod for this…

…nothing on the nexus. Well, fuck. I’ll probably keep it, but my gaming chunks aren’t so big to afford redos so I may have to shelve it until vacation or something. Nice thing about Battletech is the missions are short.

This might help:

It adds new missions types etc. Very well done, custom voice overs/etc. The Duel and Recon mission types cane be pretty quick ones and I would say overall they “seem” to be quicker on the whole with less check points/etc. That could change though as I have only played a couple hours with it so far.

Oh crap I totally forgot about the workshop. Even my lazy ass can handle that. Worth buying on steam just for that.

So I burned through the discomfort of the first couple missions and became absolutely enthralled. I was up until 2:00 am last night to do Last time that happened was three years ago with DCS (which I will go back to when I get more time).

Absolutely adoring the game and hope that it continues to enthrall over the long term.

That sounds like a good reason to pick up the Steam version while it’s on sale. Thanks!

The aforementioned Yet Another Mech Lab mod, with some of the basically child mods for it, adds nearly every piece of equipment for a mech you could want. So when yearning for more than weapons and probles finally drives you to it, you can have many types of armor, engines, structures, gyros, actuators, many forms of sensor and targeting computers, and of course weapons out the yin yang. HAGs, HACs, Snub nose PPC, Thunderbolts, XP lasers, chem lasers, magshot weapons, inferno, etc.

I find that random missions - the focus in career mode - are shorter than story missions on average. However, at higher reputation conflict zones they can get a bit longer.

Hello beautiful. If you think running around in light mech with a bunch of MGs is fun you really need to take ole’ snubby for a spin. It’s less spastic circle strafing and more getting behind and helping the enemy out with a little back scratching. If your really good you can jumjet over them and give a nice shoot down on top. You’ll need a little high ground for that one but man very satisfyingly if you land it. Better yet add 2 and go ahead and take that XL engine ;)

The constant chatter in this thread the last week or so is making it reeeeeeeally difficult to not pull the trigger on this. You should all feel bad.

Did you all know its Coop? :)

This crap right here is exactly what I’m talking about!

Well, off to buy this. I played whichever MW:Mercs was around in the early to mid 2000s as part of a clan. I kinda sucked but damn was it awesome when it worked well. Too bad I don’t have my old Sidewinder with the twisting joystick, lurved that thing!

I do this with the hero spider and ya, it’s really the best thing. I need to configure a raven that way and check it out, though I just have doubts its as nimble as the spider is…

Glad I could help! Good news it’s cross platform supported as well. Steam and Epic and PS and Xbox. Some mods even work crossplay as long as they don’t add assets so just the host needs them.

Played this at launch and I want to give it another shot, but the enemies would always spawn on top of me or the objective I was protecting. It turned everything into a knife fight and made positioning my lance pointless.

Was this fixed in patches?

Is the base game sufficient, or is it better (or nesseccary) to get the DLC? If so, which DLC are best? I’m considering getting the base game while it’s on sale. It seems like when this was released, it didn’t get very good reviews.

and for those of you doing co-op, check out the co-op rewards and co-op unlocked mods. those will give your partners rewards, and allow them to more properly interact with the base hud between missions.

Didn’t know that. I’d prefer it on my Series X since my PC is a bit long in the tooth, but for this game the modding seems kinda great. And it’s not crazy expensive at this point so what the hell.