Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5: Single player inside!


Ya, folks wanted them to try it, but they never did.

Honestly, I don’t know if it would work… Numbers are a massive advantage in mechwarrior, which is why most battles in every version of mechwarrior tend to snowball once one mech goes down.

Clan tech is just very, very hard to balance.


Arise! PC Gamer has a hands-on preview, which is light on details but still says all kinds of promising stuff.


I don’t have much faith in piranha games.


I have faith they’ll do everything to squeeze microtransactions out of you.


I want this so damn much. Please be good. For me, okay? Just for me.


I get really excited every time I see this bump to the top and then I remember it’s Piranha.


Not just for you. ;)


Seriously, do not get your hopes up. PGI has grossly incompetent management who basically do not know anything about battletech.

You will be disappointed.

If I’m wrong, hey, it’ll be a nice surprise.


Looks like some of us were busted by the thread police in the BattleTech thread, so I’ll post this here as well.


Is this the right thread for Piranha Bytes upcoming new game?

Soooo, my question is. Do you think they’ve taken notice of Battletech’s massive success and will make extra sure it will be more along those lines?


LOL Gothic: Battletech?


I think you’re on to something hehe



Yeah, if it were anyone else, I’d likely pre-order. With these guys? Gonna wait for reviews.


Yeah, no. PGI does not deserve money.


I know, but I love Mechwarrior so. If it’s actually, shockingly good? Then yeah I’ll get it.

I just wish someone would make Heavy Gear 3 or remaster Missionforce: Cyberstorm.


For me it only needs to be a little better than MW2 with up to date graphics.


Why is that?


Not me. If it’s MW2 quality or MW4 quality, then no sale. I’ve moved on and have a big backlog of great games. But if it’s as good as MW3? Yes, I’ll get it at launch for $60.


Fair enough.