Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5: Single player inside!

I’ve found that vanilla game is much more costly than I remember from the last time I played.

Partly the enemy ai is better, so I tend to have more damage taken.

The increased size of available mechs also increased the maintenance costs quite a bit.

Late game my costs are around 7 million a cycle.

Which has led to me paying much more attention to finances than before.

YAML mod has toggles for allowing you to salvage mech parts after battels along with whole mechs. Sliders to adjust amounts as well as frequency/chance for whole mechs. I have mine set on 8 mech parts to produce a mech. Each part cost one salvage point each. How many mech parts is determined by luck and how much damage was done. So legging/HS produce more parts on AVG. Mechs put together this way still are damaged so there is a cost to fully fix them up. I may adjust this as I play more to see if I need to increase it but so far so good.

Ya, that’s probably the only aspect of YAML that i dont fully like. I prefer getting a mech and restoring it/salvaging it, and find that more interesting that just assembling a bunch of parts (which then i mostly scrap anyways).

Part of it too is that it just doesn’t feel ‘right’. My lance just killed 24 enemy mechs. Parts, components and whole mechs are littered about the landscape. I can now select 10 crappy parts, or 2 mech pieces to claim. So i’ll need to fight like 3 battles just to be able to get one mech out of it…

It works in conjunction with looting full mechs and is completely optional and customizable. The way I have it setup its more like I can get that one full mech, that nice weapon and a few mech pieces to build toward another full one eventually. So the parts replace lame components/weapons as meaningful loot for when you don’t blow your allotment on a full mech. I believe you can turn this feature off as well and just use vanilla salvage? Lots of settings to dig through.

As @morlac noted you don’t have to do that. You can turn off partial mech salvage, put it on and have whole mech salvage/etc side by side. It’s highly customizable, down to tweaking component damage/destroyed chances IIRC.

Yaml is seriously one of the best mods I’ve used in any game ever.

Oh, i’m aware - i was trying out v2 for a while, and that’s the bit i found i didn’t like - i think i favor the v1 where you can get whole mechs, notable bits, and then salvage pieces that aren’t as finicky (though i presume that they allow a lot less precision when salvaging a mech, since it you put 18 pieces (or whatever it takes) to put together a battlemaster, you’ll just get some generic variant, whereas v2 allows you to piece together a specific variant).

Well, I guess I’m done, and that makes me sad. I got to rep 15, finished the campaign and still love most everything about the game. The problem is progression from here. Just making money and collecting all the heroes? It’s just not quite enough for me.

Well, like a good book, all things have to end I suppose. I do wish this title was like Elden Ring with seemingly endless discovery and progression potential. I think they are working on a sequel. I hope they expand this one and make a giant game out of it.

Any good dynamic mods, perhaps?

You can do career mode now.

Also the DLCs.

The career mode is really where it’s at.

I did do the DLCs along with the main campaign. I just ate that shit up. The mission where they tell you to bring long range weapons? Loved it!

I know how some around these parts feel about dynamic campaigns, but I just am not a fan of procedurally generated missions. I get that the tech was all the hotness at the turn of the century, but, well look how things are these days. Computer generated art, music, even books.

Give me handcrafted any day of the week, month or year. And yes, this includes for flight sims :P

…who ARE you? ;)

Nah that’s cool if that’s your thing.

Ha, I thought I might catch you with that last comment :D

I am somebody who thought the intro to People are People sounded super high-tech advanced in the '80s, but now cringe when I hear it and wonder what the hell we were all thinking :D

How dare you change and not be roped in with nostalgia. ;)

I guess I have to be the downer, I really wanted that old MW vibe but the missions are generated from a well of maybe six options? There’s just nothing here except the Pokemon factor and the joy of roasting off an arm. Outside of that I haven’t found a single bit of effort.

You should install this.

Noted, thanks!

Wait, I feel attacked. Their latest song is really good.

Is anyone playing this on the PS5 at all? Wasn’t sure it was really worth it since I wouldn’t have access to any mods.