Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5: Single player inside!

Eh, clans. But more Battletech is always good, I suppose.

Yeah I am in favor of more Battletech.

Clans can be interesting, but, Smoke Jaguars? The clan that infamously nuked civilians? Along with other atrocities my old brain is undoubtedly forgetting at the moment.

Not a clan I would want to role play.

But it is early yet so maybe they’ll address that.

I hope it truly is more than an expansion pack with a full price tag.

I loved MW5 to pieces, so will be happy for anything new, DLC, expansion or full game.

I hate space fascists of any flavor


Latest DLC is out. Anyone tried it?

This just dropped on nexus. Why oh why did I sell my joystick thinking I wouldn’t be playing mechwarrior anytime in the near future.

Woof! I’m a big fan of Vox Machinae for VR mech warrioring, but I’ve been tempted by Steam sales on MW5 and held off due to the previous VR mod sounding so buggy. I haven’t looked into the Universal VR injector yet… seems pretty holy grail-ish… reading through those instructions, I’m kinda hoping they can wrap these up in a single executable, like they did for the Xwing Alliance Project. Looks like they’re still chugging on the cockpits, too.

I wonder if you’ll need the joysticks, @Tim_N ? The Vr injector should allow them to tie motion controls, or else the head look for aiming works really well in VR, and the rest on a game pad would be fine.

UEVR worked just about perfect with the Gamepass version right out of the box. The only odd thing was I felt like a big head on tiny body when I looked down at my legs, but that should be just a simple view adjustment. Process is simple. Launch UEVR, launch MW5, select the game from the dropdown in UEVR and click inject.

I never did put any time into this game but I’m interested now. I’m also a big fan of Vox Machinae, saw this thread and figured I’d test it right quick.