Mechwarrior Short Film

Just stumbled across this while googling for news of a new mechwarrior game.

Apologies if this is old news, couldn’t find any mention of it after a quick search. Doesn’t look too much better than the intros to some of the games (a la the original Mechcommander)…but then i always did love those old live action intros.

What? Robo Jox doesn’t count? That shit was awesome.

Erik J.

With the “Walking on the slick floor” thing. Yeah, agreed, that was totally awesome.

I’m just disappointed that I never saw Gunhed. That looked crazy sweet.

Bought the video for two dollars (Australian dollars) when my local video store had a sale. Best ever non-pornographic video purchase in the history of the world. Ever.


The movie was done by a freshman class of an art school that concentrates in game/and 3D design.