Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


No changes




De Nada


When @Kolbex replies, I believe he can also declare when he wants to do his sea phase, unless I’ve forgotten a step.

EDIT I’ve forgotten Russia, my apologies.


No moves at this time, my lord.


No inputs on this phase.


March, 1805

End Reinforcement Phase

Sigh…now I must put on a funny hat…

General Exposition


March, 1805

Naval Phase

The Order this Phase will be: Russia, Turkey, France, Spain, Great Britain.

Russia is up. Below is an Updated Turn File.

L’amiral de l’exposition


Russian Naval Moves (logfile)

Game state save


March, 1805

Naval Phase Continued

Turkish Fleet in Gulf of Damietta sails into port at Damietta.

Current File:

France (@Juan_Raigada passes).

Spain (@Mark_Weston) is up.

L’amiral de l’exposition


The Spanish army and navy go for a short Mediterranean cruise.


I believe it’s time for @Kolbex to launch his massive simultaneous invasions of Normandy, Brest, and Marsailles


Do I just take the file here in the thread and do it to it?



Go for it!


Massive is a very strong word :P


March, 1805

Britsh Naval Phase, End Naval Phase

Current Map. Note the British Fleet in the Gulf of Lyons.

L’amiral de l’exposition


March, 1805

Land Phase, French Land Phase

The French (@Juan_Raigada) have opted to go first. Below is the current file.

General Exposition


March, 1805

Land Phase, French Land Phase, Parte the Firste


In the middle of the French Move, we pause. Austria (@Matt_W), are you in or out in Mantua?

General Exposition



Austria has notified me she will be incommunicado until Tomorrow. We patiently wait.

General Exposition


Fieldmarshall Mack sees the French forces approaching the walls of Mantua, and then looks back over his shoulder at the fleches gracing the skyline of Mantua as it rises beyond its walls. He reluctantly turns his forces away from the assault and orders a retreat to the city.