Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game

Man it would be a shame to lose this game, but these things can be so hard to sustain…

Me too.

That’s three!

The notification email rationing makes it very hard for me to keep track of the forums, especially when I am going through crunch time.

Will get back to you guys tonight AEST.

Here we go

Enjoying the Baltic spring in Turku, the oldest city in Finland

I believe Turkey (@Panzeh ) is next.

Autoforage outside Egypt, all corps in Egypt use depot supply.

No other moves.

Will you attempt to besiege?

I don’t have any sieges to do. The one in egypt finished last turn.

I’m looking over this for my turn and failed to notice it earlier, so I won’t make an issue of it now, but for the future Salzburg is Austrian territory and France and its minors do not have access privilege through such.

OK, Austria’s moves:

  • I deleted the defeated Hesse garrison in Kassel
  • Repatriated my cavalry corps to NW of Vienna, then moved it to Ofen to vacuum up the 2 factor garrison there.
  • All other units remain in place.
  • All units autoforage without risk.

Dropbox File:

Military info sheet in the mail to you, @Navaronegun.

@Cuthbert, you’re up!

No moves, all units autoforage.

@Kolbex is up I believe, feel free to just take Austria’s file.

You used cavalry as garrisons!!!??? O_o

Ummm, well that give the game away. Now, I guess you know where my light infantry corps is:)

After a suitable period of idling, the crown has graciously acted. Jolly Old general Sir Repl.D’s holiday ends back in Gibraltar

Military Information Sheet was sent on March 18th, and in it I declared my intention to move the VIth Fleet back to Gibraltar (as opposed to “Gibraltar Ocean”), as our gracious moderator can attest, although I see now that I screwed up on the map and placed it in the ocean spot, which I have now corrected out of turn. Hopefully the other monarchs can see there way to allowing this faux pas to pass unchallenged.

That’s fine, just ping whoever’s next!


Did I fail to ping hard enough?

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, @Mark_Weston.

Comms were slow in them olden days.

So how to deal with players that dropped. Always a problem in forum games.