Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


Austria will not sue for peace at this time.



I’ll just go with my Ambassadorial Instincts here and say I can state, with certainty, that L’Empereur will not offer surrender this month.

E. The Creating Alliances Step.

All Major Powers (@MiquelRamirez, @Matt_W, @Mark_Weston, @Kolbex, @Juan_Raigada, @Panzeh, @Cuthbert) do you wish to Ally with any others this month? Please state who you wish to Ally with in-thread. If none, say none.


L’ambassadeur de l’exposition


The Holy Roman Empire offers aid and succor to our Germanic brothers in Prussia and to the honorable British nation.


His Highness the King in and of Prussia accepts the offer and also offers an alliance to the United Kingdom.



Austria and Prussia are Allies. Each Gains a Political Point.

Great Britain (@Kolbex)? You have two Alliance offers.


L’ambassadeur de l’exposition


No Alliances.


No alliances


His Majesty wishes to share his pleasure in bagging three stags of the highest quality this last week, and is looking forward to shooting some nice fat pheasants and partridges next week. This has been a truly fortunate winter.

Oh yes, and no alliances.

(Should probably have a look at that box of correspondence at some point.)


No alliances



Just waiting on Great Britain (@Kolbex).


Great Britain accepts the Prussian and Austrian alliances.



Austria and Great Britain are Allies. Each Gains a Political Point.

Prussia and Great Britain are Allies. Each Gains a Political Point.

We now move on to:

F. The Minor Country Control Step.

I shall adjourn for a bit and return having determined who controls: Egypt, Bavaria, Morocco.


L’ambassadeur de l’exposition


So what do we do if we win control of a minor? Do I have to try my hardest to defend Egypt or Morocco?

EDIT: I know I can, but don’t have to, declare war on the major power attacking them. But if not, does sportsmanship dictate that I try my hardest with the minor’s armies or can I step aside and let the other power conquer them?



You get a PP and control of the minor, until it falls.

Countries that gain control also have the option of DoWing the Major at war with that minor for 3 PP.


L’ambassadeur de l’exposition


Can you reject control? I think you can…



No, but you can opt to not try to control a minor before control is determined.

I’ll always assume that all who can attempt control will attempt to do so, unless specifically instructed here (I.E. I won’t hold things up waiting on responses, but if anyone doesn’t wish to vie to control any available minors, they are free to speak up whenever we hit this Step).

Allies of a Major DoWing a Minor may only attempt to control if no other non-Allied Majors of the DoWing Major do not wish to attempt control.


L’ambassadeur de l’exposition


All right then, I’m just going to put forth a blanket, General, and non-binding policy of accepting control if offered, and making a reasonable defense with the minor’s forces but not declaring war on behalf of it if I have no regional interest.



We’ll always stop and see if anyone wants to DoW in support of a minor.

But yes, generally speaking, there isn’t a whole lot lost by gaining control (maybe a PP from a battle, and the loss of the PP you gained via control when the Minor is conquered, so that is a net break even proposition). Conversely, the controller gets a bargaining chip. Nothing says they have to fight competantly.


L’ambassadeur de l’exposition


Ok then. Thanks for the clarification.

Are PP lost or won through sieges?


I’ll just pre-empt the moderator’s response here:) Political Points For Siege Assault Combat Winners:

If the assaulted city contains a corps and/or is a “fortress” (has one or more fleches), the defender gets one political point if the besieger loses (is eliminated or broken) or does not win within three rounds, and the besieger gets one political p oint if the city is captured. Record on the POLITICAL STATUS DISPLAY on the Status Card. No political points are ever lost on either side, regardless of the outcome and none are gained if the city has a no corps and/or is not a fortress (has no fleches).