Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


We have a Battle!

As Liwaa El-Jaysh Abdenabi Benchehda attempts to withdraw, the city is filled with Royal Attendant Feudal Chieftains and Refugees, there is no Room!


Liwaa El-Jaysh Abdenabi Benchehda (@Panzeh) and General Castaños (@Mark_Weston), please submit to me your tactics for the Battle to come!


The Battle of Ain Dalia (عين داليا), January 27, 1805

Part One - The Setting and Forces

General Castaños, after gathering his two Corps in Ceuta on January 20, found his forces in some disarray. The ferrying of the troops across the Straits in barcos had left units mixed, equipment and supplies piles in random locations. But he wanted to make quick progress and take the city, so he moved cautiously forward, sending a reconnaissance element consisting of of the 4 Regiments which could be prepared and dispatched without delay.

They immediately found themselves blocked by Bedouin Cavalry at the pass at Ain Dalia, south of the approach to Tangier on the 25th. Castaños brought his main force forward on the 26th, and decided to push on with a this Reconnaissance in Force, in the morning, following with the main body later in the morning.

However when the cautious attack was launched on the morning of the 27th, the enemy was found to gone. They were a delaying force. Liwaa El-Jaysh Abdenabi Benchehda had left, departing the Capital region. Rumors had it that he was accompanied by Abd El Muhammad, brother of the Sultan. Was this treachery? Or a strategic retreat in preparation for a Counterattack later? Only time will tell…

Attacker Selected Probe, Defender Selected Withdraw. Defender Automatically Withdraws, Ottoman Advisor (@Panzeh), please select the area you wish to withdraw to.

General Castaños marched his Army Northwards to Tangier and laid siege to the city on January 28, 1805.

A Breach was made!
A Roll of a 4, +1 for under-garrisoned city results in a net 5 on the below table:


Assault on Tangier

In a siege Assault, a battle is fought for one day, with the Attackers on the 5-1 table and the Defenders on the 5-2 Table below. There is no leadership, terrain or cavalry modifiers to the roll or pursuit afterwards; just a straightforward affair of blood.

II Corps with 14 Infantry and 2 Cavalry all at 3.0 Morale.
III Corps with 14 Infantry and 2 Cavalry all at 3.0 Morale.
32 Factors at 3.0 Morale

1 Moroccan Infantry Factor at 1.0 Morale

The Spanish roll a 5 and the Moroccans a 1.

The Spanish inflict 0.15 (15%) which is 5 Casualties and -1.8 Morale on the Garrison who are eliminated.

The Moroccans inflict .1 (10%) casualties (nothing) and -.08 Morale on the Spanish.

Tangiers belongs to Spain and the Sultan is assassinated by his bodyguard at his own request, rather than be captured by the Infidel!

This ends the Spanish Land Phase

Great Britain (@Kolbex) , you are up. I’ll send the file momentarily.


With only one option, the Moroccan corps takes it.


January 1805 Land Phase

British Land Phase


Nothing moves, London Autoforages, and Gibraltar pays Depot Supply.

There is no Minor Country Conquest that can occur this month, Thus ends the January 1805 Land Phase. Here are the Final Dispositions.

Thus Ends January 1805

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


February, 1805

We now begin February, 1805

“Diplomacy is seduction in another guise, Mr. Adams. One improves with practice.”
Benjamin Franklin

Political Phase

This Phase proceeds as below:

A. The Diplomacy Step.

B. The Declarations of War Step.

C. The Call to Allies Step. The order of calling is determined by competitive die rolls.

D. The Peace Step. Peace term selection order is determined by the order the major powers went to war.

E. The Creating Alliances Step.

F. The Minor Country Control Step. Setup in the order: France,

Russia, Turkey, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, Spain.

G. The Breaking Alliances Step.

H. The Free State Declaration Step.

I. The Declaration of Combined Movement Step.

This Diplomacy Step will be short and sweet, as all seem to communicating freely and frequently.

By 2359 January 30, 2019, EST Declarations of War on Major and Minor Countries are due.

If none, privately inform me that there are none.

If all responses are in earlier, I will resolve earlier.

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator



Still awaiting Declarations of War (or notification of none) from Austria (@Matt_W), Spain (@Mark_Weston) and Great Britain (@Kolbex).

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


February 1805

Political Phase

B. The Declarations of War Step.

S’ils veulent la paix, les pays devraient éviter les piqûres d’épingle qui précèdent les coups de canon.
“If they want peace, nations should avoid the pin-pricks that precede cannon shots.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

The Nations of Europe, evidently discovering within them an inner goodness and light, abjure from Declaring any Wars this month. I am certain that a new age, never known before in the History of Man, will dawn; as nations permanently put aside strife, competition and rivalry.

C. The Call to Allies Step.

This Step does not occur this Month, due to the aforementioned new era of flowers and goodness that has dawned.

So we move on to…

D. The Peace Step.

Prussia (@Cuthbert), Austria (@Matt_W), Great Britain (@Kolbex ), L’Empereur (@Juan_Raigada ); Do any of you offer Surrender to any or all Major Powers you are at War with? Answer Yes or No and if Yes to Whom here in-thread.


L’ambassadeur de l’exposition


Austria will continue to fight.


Never give up, never surrender.


Prussia would like to offer surrender to France


France offers peace if Prussia surrenders conditionally.


Prussia accepts the French offer



Actually hold here.

Prussia must now accept. Prussia (@Cuthbert) Please secretly send me the Peace term you wish to exclude.


Curse the rules for making me do the thing I wanted to do anyways!


L’Empereur asks Prussia to please state their surrender terms. What will they not give up?


Pause. See above.



Prussia refuses to adopt the metric system, universal suffrage, and the tricorn hat as an absolute sticking point in negotiations


Shenanigans! Yippee.


Addendum: Prussians also m refuse to carry grocery bags with baguettes sticking out of them in the French fashion.


February, 1805

Political Phase

D. The Peace Step

Prussia Conditionally Surrenders to France

The Treaty of Berlin

Prussia chooses from the below list (A selections).

Prussia chooses A.5 - Needn’t cede a province (Partially cancels B.7)

L’Empereur then chooses two choices from the below selections.

L’Empereur Chooses:

B.2 May not declare war on the victor for 24 months. This choice may not be made if C.2 is already chosen.

B.7 Loser must cede one province of his choice and one minor country (if available) of the victor’s choice. The province must be either adjacent to the victorieous major power’s controlled territory and/or contain one or more of the victor’s corps. The province may not contain the losing major power’s capital city (or Ofen by HR) unless there are no other unceded provinces (option may restrict the choice of a province, if used). The minor country is chosen before the province. This choice may not be made if C.4 is already chosen.

The “C’s” being referred to are on this Chart:

So the Treaty of Berlin was signed; with Friederich Wilhelm III (@Cuthbert) ceding Saxony to France (@Juan_Raigada) as a Conquered Minor and agreeing not to Declare War on France for 24 months beginning in March, 1805. France Gains 3 Political Points and Prussia loses 5 Political Points.

Signed this date, February 4, 1805.

Freddie (@Cuthbert)


L’Empereur (@Juan_Raigada)