Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


Now I see why the Prussians attack Saxony in every war from 1715-1860. Traitors.


February, 1805

Political Phase

Now we move to all these together.

E. The Creating Alliances Step.

If any nation wishes to Ally with another, please respond in thread.

F. The Minor Country Control Step. Setup in the order: France, Russia, Turkey, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, Spain.

This is mooted this month, there are no minors to be controlled due to the aforementioned flowers and dawning of a new human kindness.

G. The Breaking Alliances Step.

If Austria (@Matt_W), Great Britain (@Kolbex) or Prussia (@Cuthbert) Wish to break their Alliances with any of the other, please, speak now.

H. The Free State Declaration Step.

Any nation which controls a minor may now declare it a Fee State, if it can field forces in Corps and/or Fleets

I. The Declaration of Combined Movement Step.

If Austria (@Matt_W), Great Britain (@Kolbex) or Prussia (@Cuthbert) Wish to Combine Naval and Land Movement, please, speak now.


L’ambassadeur de l’exposition

The Political Phase will end at 0600 EST January 31, 2019. At that time we will move to the February 1805 Reinforcement Phase.

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


Prussia passes on every applicable step of this phase.


Austria will neither break alliance, nor combine movement with any other power.



Note, L’Empereur(@Juan_Raigada), you must repatriate your forces. FORCE REPATRIATION: All corps in the other major power’s territory are picked up and moved to the nearest area or areas in a now (after the control of ceded territories has been marked) friendly-controlled province or minor country. Similarly, garrisons are picked up and moved to the nearest friendly area or areas where depots and/or cities are available to hold the factors. If two or more areas are equidistant, the owning player chooses the area, or may choose to place some forces in some of or each of the equidistant areas. All depots in the other major power’s territory are just picked up. All fleets (unless given permission to stay) must leave during the next Naval Phase. EXCEPTION: If the victor chooses peace term C.5, none of the victor’s forces may be repatriated, but garrison factors in capital cities must (except with permission to stay) be moved to the nearest possible area(s) that can hold them that is not a capital city.

So Napoleon and the Army of the Elbe must go to Wittenberg. Massena and the Army of the Weser may go all or in part to one or any of: Wittenburg, Leipzig or Hanover.

General Exposition



L’Empereur (@Juan_Raigada) repatriates the Army of the Weser from Magdeburg to Hanover.

General Exposition


End Politics Phase, February, 1805.

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator

Begin Reinforcement Phase, February, 1805.

A . The Naval Reinforcement Step. The major powers perform this step in the order; Spain, France, Prussia, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Great Britain.

B. The Army Reinforcement Step. The major powers perform this step in the order; Spain, Great Britain, Prussia, Austria, Turkey, Russia, France.

This is mostly moot this again month. If anyone wants to:

  • Shuffle strength factors between Fleets stacked together/consolidate Fleets stacked together
  • Shuffle strength factors between Corps stacked together/consolidate Corps stacked together
  • Drop garrisons from Corps/absorb garrisons into Corps
  • Retire Leaders from the Map

PM me by 1400 EST (I’m assuming we don’t have that much to do… this Reinforcement Phase). For those non-Naval Powers, if this bleeds into the Naval Phase, it won’t impact anything.

Russia (@MiquelRamirez), will you have any Naval Moves this month? If not, I will send the file for Naval moves to Turkey (@Panzeh) at that time.

Admiral ( sigh, yet again ) Exposition



Austria (@Matt_W):

1. Retires Archduke John from Lublin.
2. Retires General Mack from Prague.
3. Detaches a single Infantry factor from a corps in Prague to the depot garrison there.

General Exposition


Turkey (@Panzeh) :

Detaches a single Infantry factor from the corps in Damietta in the city garrison there.

General Exposition

Thus Ends the February 1805 Reinforcement Phase

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


February 1805

Naval Phase

Ahoy, mon Amis! N’est-ce Pas?

The Current Map of Europe:

The Royal Navy has opted to move last in this phase, so our order will be:

Russia (@MiquelRamirez), Turkey (@Panzeh), France (@Juan_Raigada), Spain (@Mark_Weston) and Great Britain (@Kolbex).

If anyone wishes to pass, please notify me via PM.

Russia, do you have a move this turn?

Admiral (trying to come to terms with this role) Exposition


February 1805

End Naval Phase


Court et doux, très bon! All nations have passed! Now I can take this damn hat off!

Land Phase coming soon, beginning with Russia (@MiquelRamirez) as L’Empereur (@Juan_Raigada) has chosen to move last

General (yet again) Exposition


February 1805

Land Phase

Each Country, in it’s turn, will perform the following steps:

A. The Depot Creation/Removal Step’

B. The Land Movement Step.

C. The Supply Step.

D. The Land Combat Step.

(1) Resolve field, limited field and trivial combats.

(2) Resolve siege combats.

E. The Guerrilla Step.

F. * The Conquest Step.

As well, at this time, I will send out a copy of National Military Information Sheets (my copy) via courier to all nations. As well, I will hang a map of the current situation (and Vassal File) here:

Russian Turn (@MiquelRamirez)

The Russian Army is beguiled by Rusalki so this may be shorter than many of the others.

Turkey (@Panzeh) is next, followed by Austria (@Matt_W).

General Exposition


February 1805

Land Phase

Russian Land Phase

The Russians pay Depot Supply for 4 Corps and the rest “autoforage”. The Rusalki do not beguile any Corps off into the Wood.

Map Unchanged

Next up is Turkey (@Panzeh) , followed by Austria (@Matt_W) and then Prussia (@Cuthbert).

General Exposition


February 1805

Land Phase

Turkish Land Phase


Turkey destroys a Depot in Jerusalem and builds one in Damietta.

The Ottoman Army of the Nile under Pechlivan Khan (@Panzeh) enters the outskirts of Cairo. The defenders (@Mark_Weston) under Ibrahim Bey, retreat behind the city’s walls. Tahir Pasha is with the other Corps, cut off from communication with Cairo. Meanwhile, Muhammad Ali is in Damietta, intriguing with the Grand Vizier.

Pechlivan Khan send sappers to dig lines of circumvallation and moves up the seigeworks; meanwhile he forms up his troops for an assault it he can find a weak spot in the defenses.

An Albanian defector from the forces points out a weak spot, aided by the offer of 30 gold pieces.

The Assault on Cairo will follow!

General Exposition


Assault on Cairo, February 6, 1805.

In a siege Assault, a battle is fought for one day, with the Attackers on the 5-1 table and the Defenders on the 5-2 Table below. There is no leadership, terrain or cavalry modifiers to the roll or pursuit afterwards; just a straightforward affair of blood.

I Janissary Corps with 14 Infantry and 2 Cavalry, all have 3.0 Morale
Imperial Cavalry Corps with 1 Cavalry, has a 3 morale
Syrian Corps with 3 Infantry and 6 Cavalry, Infantry has 1 Morale and the Cavalry has 2 Morale.

26 Factors at 2.6 Morale

I Egypt Corps with 13 Infantry at 1 Morale and 2 Cavalry at 3 Morale

15 Factors at 1.3 Morale

Round 1:

The Ottomans roll a 3 and the Egyptians Roll a 1.

The Ottomans inflict .1 (10%) casualties (3 Factors) and -1 Morale on the Egyptians.

The Egyptians inflict .1 (10%) casualties (2 Factors) and -.08 Morale on the Ottomans.

Round 2:

24 Factors at 1.8 Morale

12 Factors at .3 Morale

Both sides roll a 6.

The Ottomans inflict .15 (15%) casualties (4 Factors) and -2.2 Morale on the Egyptians, Breaking them.

The Egyptians inflict .2 (20%) casualties (2 Factors) and -2.8 Morale on the Ottomans, breaking the Sultan’s forces in a valiant last stand!

Cairo Holds!

The Egyptians lose 7 Factors and the Ottomans lose 4 Factors. Please send me your losses, Gentlemen.


Turkey pays Depot supply for forces in Egypt and autoforages everywhere else.


Austrian (@Matt_W) Land Phase is now up (File sent). Up next is Prussia (@Cuthbert) , then Great Britain (@Kolbex).

General Exposition



Note to all:

Due to miscommunication regarding Corps Identities, the above Assault had to be edited with different results (less pleasing to the Ottoman Empire).

We apologize.

General Exposition


It was only a flesh wound.


February 1805

Land Phase

Austrian Land Phase


Austria places new depots in Bologna and Vienna. Garrisons detached to the new Depot there, 1 to the Vienna Depot Garrison, 9 to the Prague Garrison.

All Corps pay Depot supply and/or Autoforage except: the one in Turin forages successfully at a 3, the one in Peterwardein successfully forages at a 5, the one in Lublin loses 1 Factor as it rolls a 6, Bologna successfully forages at a 3, Mantua Corps successfully forages on a 4.

No Sieges, no Assaults, no Battles.

Prussia (@Cuthbert) is up followed by Great Britain (@Kolbex)

General Exposition


Sorry, I realize now I shouldn’t have put that Austria conquered territory flag on Romagna until the end of the Land Phase.

EDIT: I also want to point out that the Austrian corps in Linz is explicitly occupying the depot garrison.


February 1805

Land Phase

Prussian Land Phase


Prussia destroys the depot in Küstrin, and builds one in Berlin. A Corps picks up the garrison from Magdeburg. The Hohenzollerns appear to be consolidating forces in Berlin, while maintaining a presence in the East.

All forces use Depot Supply.

Prussia is at Peace.

Great Britain (@Kolbex) is up followed by España (@Mark_Weston)

General Exposition