Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


Sorry, the question seemed to be whether anyone wished to decline rolling. Great Britain does not so wish.



The above (in context) double negative has us confused. Which countries do you wish to roll for, now that you can roll for all three?


Austria apologizes for late response on this issue. We often spend the weekend in idle pursuits: drink, being merry with compatriots, long walks in the countryside. And, as such, are not able to spend as much time on affairs of state.

Having now made a more thorough review of Europe’s political situation, we have no wish to involve ourselves in Prussia’s dispute with the Duchies. We had previously not considered that the Duchies would approach us for assistance, given our current alliance with Prussia. But now that it seems they may do so given that their entreaties have been ignored by all other major powers, we–as true allies must–also rebuff their advances.


Great Britain will roll for Sweden.


March, 1805

Political Phase

F. The Minor Country Control Step. Setup in the order: France, Russia, Turkey, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, Spain.

Russia (@MiquelRamirez) declares war on Sweden.

Turkey (@Panzeh) , Austria (@Matt_W), Prussia, Great Britain (@Kolbex) , and Spain will vie for control.

Modifiers - Tu +1, Au +1, Pr +1, GB +3, Sp +1

Net rolls - Turkey 3, Austria 5, Prussia 3, Great Britain 6, and Spain 4.

Great Britain controls Sweden and Gains +1 PP.

Prussia (@Cuthbert) declares war on the Duchies.

No one supports the Duchies of Gelderland and Jülich who welcome the embrace of the Hohenzollern Crown.

Spain (@Mark_Weston) declares war on Algeria.

Turkey, Austria, Prussia, and Great Britain will vie for control.

Modifiers - Tu +3, Au +1, Pr +1, GB +1

Net rolls - Turkey 6, Austria 5, Prussia 6, and Great Britain 3.

Unmodified Roll-off between Tu and Pr results in:

Prussia Controls Algeria and gains +1PP.

Great Britain will you declare War on Russia; Prussia will you declare War on Spain?

Ambassador Exposition


I believe it would be Prussia potentially declaring war on Spain.


The Kingdom of Prussia will send advisors but will not declare war


The Sublime Porte will happily offer a chartered ship to Algiers to aid the Prussian advisors in their efforts to aid this beleagured state.


Splendid-beef sausages all round!


March, 1805

Political Phase

F. The Minor Country Control Step. Setup in the order: France, Russia, Turkey, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, Spain. – Continued

Assuming no DoW on Russia by Great Britain

Prussia (@Cuthbert) and Great Britain (@Kolbex) please inform me of your dispositions of the Algerian and Swedish forces, respectively. After this I will hang an updated map and Vassal File. When this is done, we will move into the Reinforcement Phase.

Ambassador Exposition


Sweden has informed us that their forces will deploy thusly:

One corps in Stockholm.

One corps in Karlskrona.

One corps in Malmo.

Their fleet in Malmo.

One garrison factor in Gothenberg,

Edit: Also, Great Britain will not declare war on Russia in support of Sweden.


Algeria deploys one corps and one garrison factor in Algiers


March, 1805

Reinforcement Phase

All Powers, please send me privately any Corps to Corps Troop exchanges and announce Garrison detachments or Leader Placement/Removals here in-tread. The Deadline for this Phase is 1600 EST FRI FEB 15.

General Exposition


Austria expended much effort to smuggle Feldmarschall-leutnant Mack out of Prague in advance of an invasion that has yet to arrive. Karl loves this sort of thing though, and relished the chance to give Boney the slip again as in Paris several years ago. He spent a week recuperating at the palace of the Duke of Roudnice and was treated to a private performance of young Ludwig’s Third Symphony. I am not as fond of the composer as my brother Rudolf, but he does seem to have taken up the mantle of Austrian genius that Mozart so early and tragically abandoned last decade.

I have rousted General Mack from his idleness and sent him to Mantua to command the troops there.


No changes.


No changes




De Nada


When @Kolbex replies, I believe he can also declare when he wants to do his sea phase, unless I’ve forgotten a step.

EDIT I’ve forgotten Russia, my apologies.


No moves at this time, my lord.