Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


March, 1805

Land Phase, French Land Phase, French Land Combats, Parte the Firste

Ney, the French VII Corps and an Austrian Garrison (who is doomed) “fight” a Trivial Combat in Bologna.

The VII Corps has 10I.

And that is what the Garrison learns, before they are destroyed. There is no mathematical chance on the die rolls for them to live, or cause damage in the first round. Farewell, brave, doomed heroes!

French Rolls for Breaches at Bologna, Mantua, and Turin. +1 (under garrisoned) at Bologna, -3 at Mantua, -2 at Turin.

France has no luck. No breaches, no assaults. L’Empereur is not amused

Map at the end of the French Move.

Russia (@MiquelRamirez) is up next, the file is here provided.

General Exposition


The Winter Campaign ended with Prussia surrendering and half of Austria’s forces bottled up in defensive sieges, giving Napoleon the initiative in the field for the coming Spring offensive. Only a daring expeditionary offensive by the British marines could throw a wrench in the maneuvers of the mighty French forces. But the British army was undermanned and far from home, and L’Empereur judged the danger they posed irrelevant. As things stood, we can understand Napoleon’s confidence in a quick resolution to the war, as we can read in his private correspondence of late March.

Vincent Cronin, Europe Burns


The Tsar is currently busy reviewing the affairs of the State, will get into it once the Imperial Children are in bed.


Logfile with Russia’s moves

Game state after moves


How open is economic information in the game supposed to be? If we were playing around a table, then everyone would know every other players’ economic state all the time. We’d know what they’re paying for supply and how much they have left to buy things. I feel like this information is somewhat hidden by this format. It would be useful to see total supply cost and forage roll attrition after every players’ land phase–self reported so as not to overburden the moderator.

Also, I actually really appreciate seeing the log files for plays, but a few sentences or an image describing the moves would be helpful as well, especially for spectators or when I don’t have access to a computer with Vassal on it.

Just throwing those suggestions out there. If there’s not general agreement on them, then they don’t have to be used.


In ftf play, economic data is done on a private worksheet.

The image for Russia will be posted later by me.

Also, France did her Forage rolls, but I will post them in a bit. There was an error in the French move. Forage rolls and losses are public.



Yes, I missed the rule that says you can’t forage when force marching, so initially I paid for supply with all moving corps. I did the rolls once the error was pointed out (which sucks, I would have made different moves, specially, I could have attacked with Napoleon stack given the extra cash I did not expend).

Some loses here and there, since there were not good rolls (8 factors total, but our gracious moderator will confirm), but nothing too major thanks to not being winter. Still not as clean of a move as I would have liked.


Also, I enjoy Austria’s retreat into a city strategy (saving manpower for the future, it seems from here), but now I know you have at least 15 factors in each Mantua and Turin (since they were not undergarrisoned), and less than 10 in Bologna.

The fog of war aspect of the game is pretty compelling.


Ah, I appreciate the backup here. All three of those cities are undergarrisonned, and your assault attempt at Turin should have resulted in breach.

EDIT: I do not request honors of war, nor do I surrender those forces.


Ok, the Corps on the Information sheets do not reflect that.


Fog of war for the Umpire too!


The rolls stand. Mantua was misreported, but it is under garrisoned. 3 fletches mean no breach on a roll of 5.

Turin is Fully garrisoned.

Indeed. New rule coming soon to prevent this.



Military Information Reporting.


To prevent any confusion in future, all players must submit their Military information sheets via email at the end of their Reinforcement Phase and at the end of the Land Phase (when it is fully completed) every month.

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


March, 1805

Land Phase, French Land Phase, Addendum the Firste

France rolled (verified) the Following Forage Rolls for the Following Corps in Movement:

5, 4, 6, 4 (Targets were (3), (3), (4) (+1), (3) (+1)
Corps Paris|Marseilles|Forages 2 loses
Corps Paris|Marseilles|Forages 1 loss|
Corps Lorraine|Mantua|Forages 3 losses|
Corps Dresden|Zurich|Forages 2 losses|

General Exposition


March, 1805

Land Phase, French Land Phase, Addendum the Laste


Assault on Turin

In a siege Assault, a battle is fought for one day, with the Attackers on the 5-1 table and the Defenders on the 5-2 Table below. There is no leadership, terrain or cavalry modifiers to the roll or pursuit afterwards; just a straightforward affair of blood.

Lombardy Corps with 11 Infantry and 1 Cavalry all at 3.0 Morale.
12 Factors at 3.0 Morale

Austrian II Corps with 13 Infantry at 3.0 Morale

The Rolls for Three Rounds (if needed).

Round 1:

The Lombards Rolled a 5 and inflict 0.15 (15%) which is 2 Casualties and -1.8 Morale on the Garrison.

The Austrians rolled a 4 and inflict .15 (15%) which is 2 Casualties and -1.8 Morale on the Lombards.

Round 2:

French Lombard Puppets have 9 I and 1 C at 1.2 Morale.

The Austrians have 11 I at 1.2 Morale.

The Lombards Rolled a 6 and inflict 0.15 (15%) which is 2 Casualties and -2.2 Morale, breaking the garrison.

The Austrians rolled a 2 and inflict .1 (10%) which is 1 Casualty and -1.1 Morale on the Lombards, who do not break, and emerge victorious…

The Austrian garrison is taken prisoner.

Turin belongs to France!

Map will be updated with this information at the end of the Turkish Land Phase.

General Exposition


Curse the dice of war!


So Turin was not fully garrisoned after all…

Now we hold 14 factors of Austrian prisoners.


Correct. As you can see, only 13 factors. I insisted on the breach. I’m looking out for you, just remember that:)

9 from this and 5 from Dresden?



Also, you insisted probably because the odds favored you :P


March, 1805

Land Phase, Russian Land Phase, Addendum.


The Only Russian Land Moves are displayed. Depot Supply was paid. No Combats. Russia, as is her wont, was Conservative this month.

Turkey (@Panzeh) is up.

General Exposition