Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


Only barely:) And if I’d won, you’d have lost a point and just resumed the siege. You gain the city and take all my dudes prisoner. I had a lot more to lose (and indeed lost it.)

On that note: 1 PP to France for that victory since Turin is a fortress.


And it had a corps. It’s 1PP if a fortress or a corps is a garrison.




March, 1805

Land Phase, Turkish Land Phase

Everybody stays in place, depot supply, roll for a breach at Cairo successful.

6 is almost always a breach.

Assault on Cairo

In a siege Assault, a battle is fought for one day, with the Attackers on the 5-1 table and the Defenders on the 5-2 Table below. There is no leadership, terrain or cavalry modifiers to the roll or pursuit afterwards; just a straightforward affair of blood.

I Janissary Corps with 14 Infantry and 2 Cavalry, all have 3.0 Morale
Imperial Cavalry Corps with 1 Cavalry, has a 3 morale
Syrian Corps with 0 Infantry and 5 Cavalry, the Cavalry has 2 Morale.

22 Factors at 2.8 Morale

I Egypt Corps with 3 Infantry at 1 Morale and 2 Cavalry at 3 Morale

5 Factors at 1.8 Morale

The Rolls for three rounds if needed.

Round 1:

The Otttomans Rolled a 6 and inflict 0.15 (15%) which is 3 Casualties and -2.2 Morale on the Garrison, breaking them.

The Egyptians rolled a 2 and inflict .1 (10%) which is 1 Casualty and -1.1 Morale on the Ottomans.

The Ottomans are victorious and the Egyptian Garrison is taken Prisoner.

Turkey gains a Political Point.

The Map is not changed except an Egyptian Corps is removed.

Current File Status.

Austria (@Matt_W) is next.

General Exposition


Shouldn’t France have gotten an extra PP from the siege last turn? The map has France still on 12.

Edit: Nope, I missed this.

The file is thus correct. France moved to 11 and has been brought back up to 12.


March, 1805

Land Phase, Austrian Land Phase

1) Corps stay in Peterwardein and Lublin and autoforage

2) Corps rolls for besieged forage in Bologna. Roll=5 against 3 spires. Both factors lost. Corps counter removed.

3) Corps roll for besieged forage in Mantua. Roll=4 against 4 spires with a +1 modifier because there are 7 factors in the city. 1 loss (an infantry factor)

4) Corps moves from Linz to Salzberg to battle/besiege the single garrison factor there. Depot supply=$1

5) Corps moves from Vienna to Dresden and occupies the city. Depot supply=$2

6) 5 Corps move under Charles’s command to Munich to battle Napoleon there. They pay for depot supply=$5 total.

L’Empereur (@Juan_Raigada), please send me your Chit selection and force composition for the Battle of Übersee.

General Exposition


I’d like to resolve the trivial combat in Salzberg first.



This is fine, but I need France’s information regarding the Battle of Übersee, as soon as he can deliver it.


And now that I consider, that factor in Salzberg must be a city garrison, so my corps there will just besiege. No assault attempt. Can’t do trivial combat against a city garrison anyway.


Exactly, that can only be a garrison.

It’s time for the French (well, the Bavarians, actually, that’s a Bavarian garrison) to watch the enemy from behind the walls.


Information regarding the upcoming battle delivered!!!

Waiting for our gratious Umpire for reports on the the glorious victory or horrible disaster.


The Battle of Übersee ( La bataille de Übersee /Die Schlacht von Übersee ), March 27, 1805

Part One – The Setting and Forces

Nennen Sie mich einen Kaiser, der jemals von einer Kanonenkugel getroffen wurde.

“Name me an emperor who was ever struck by a cannonball. “

Charles V

Toute unité non prise en charge est une unité vaincue.

“Every unit that is not supported is a defeated unit.”

Maurice de Saxe, Comte de Saxe

“L’Empereur, when informed of the Austrian advance in force into Upper Bavaria, showed his usual aplomb. On March 24, with news of the Austrian advance being reported from informants in the Tyrol, he advanced Le Grande Armee West Southeast of Munich and anchored his left flank upon the shores of Lake Chiemsee, but had Soult split from the line of march and take circuitous march around the North Shore of the Lake, with III Corps, with the hopes of falling upon the enemy rear. He then positioned himself behind the Großache River and awaited Charles, confident in his numbers.

Charles advanced, and with Cavalry reporting the French Army in positions West of the river, dispatched Schwarzenberg in the small hours of March 27 with the I Corps to the South, intending to turn the French Right.

As dawn broke, the Austrian assault began.

The Wars of L’Empereur: Napoleon’s Campaigns, 1805-1815, Chapter 4: The Tyrol-Upper Bavarian Campaign

Dr. Solomon Candle, University of Attica Press, 1977.


French (@Juan_Raigada)

Key Leader and Commander: Napoleon 5.5.6 A

Other Leaders: Murat (Cavalry Leader), Soult.

I Corps with 19 Infantry and 3 Cavalry, all have 4.0 Morale

II Corps with 19 Infantry and 3 Cavalry, all have 4.0 Morale

III Corps with 9 Infantry and 2 Cavalry, all have 4.0 Morale

V Corps with 20 Infantry and 3 Cavalry, all have 4.0 Morale

78 Factors, 11 are Cavalry, at 4 Morale

Austrian (@Matt_W)

Commander and Key Leader, Charles, 4.4.6 A

II Grenadier Corps with 4 Guard at 5 Morale and 2 Cavalry at 4 Morale

I Corps with 9 Infantry at 3 Morale

III Corps with 15 Infantry at 3 Morale

I Cavalry Corps with 4 Cavalry at 4 Morale

II Cavalry Corps with 4 Cavalry at 4 Morale

38 Factors, 10 are Cavalry, at 3.48 Morale

Leadership, Terrain, Environment, Operational Factors

Leadership: Defender has +1 to Combat Rolls, Defender has a Cavalry Leader.

Terrain: None

Operational Factors: None.

Chits: Attacker Chooses Outflank, Defender Chooses Outflank. The Battle turns to the East-West Axis, no pinning or flanking forces are needed.

Attacker Chits (Here, Outflank) are Compared against Defender Chits (Here, Outflank) on the Operational Possibilities chart, resulting in Three Rounds of Combat (potentially) on this Table. Each Set of numbers for each side (A for Attacker and D for Defender) are the columns on which each side rolls for each round. Each round is conducted simultaneously (both sides always get a roll for each round the combat lasts on a day). Note that each side attempted Outflanking the battle spins, but there is no division into Pinning and Outflanking Forces.


Keep an eye on Murat. A Cavalry leader’s presence, even if not in command, can pay dividends in Pursuit, if the Austrians break.

Round One Rolls.

Day 1

Round One:

The Austrian Army rolls a net 5 and Le Grande Armee Roll a net 6, both on the 1-2.

Round One Results:

A-Inflicts 0.05 (5%) Casualties (on the below table) and inflicts -1.1 Morale.

D-Inflicts 0.05 (5%) Casualties (on the below table) and inflicts -.1.5 Morale.

The Austrians inflict 2 Casualties and -1.1 Morale on the French.

Le Grande Armee inflicts 4 Casualties and -1.5 Morale on the Austrians.

Le Grande Armee has 76 Strength and 2.9 Morale after Round One.

The Austrians have 34 Strength and 1.98 Morale after Round One.

The morning starts to move towards noon. Charles (@Matt_W) will you commit the guard?

Charles declined.

The swirling battle caused confusion, and both sides began to lose cohesiveness, the French coming out of that a bit better than the Austrians. But the loss of cohesion meant that battalions on both sides became intermingled; orders were received from uncertain, unknown hands. Both sides were in danger of a calamitous loss of confidence by their men.

Day 1

Round Two:

Rolls for Round Two .

Le Grande Armee has 76 Strength and 2.9 Morale after Round One.

The Austrians have 34 Strength and 1.98 Morale after Round One.

The Austrian Army rolls a net 4 and Le Grande Armee rolls a net 5, both on the 1-4.

Round Two Results:

A-Inflicts 0.05 (5%) Casualties (on the below table) and inflicts -1.8 Morale.

D-Inflicts 0.1 (10%) Casualties (on the below table) and inflicts -.2.4 Morale.

The Austrians inflict 2 Casualties and -1.8 Morale on the French.

Le Grande Armee inflicts 8 Casualties and -2.4 Morale on the Austrians, who break. One loss must be Cavalry.

Le Grande Armee has 74 Strength and 1.1 Morale after Round One. They have 11 Cavalry.

The Austrians have 26 Strength. They have 9 Cavalry.

Now for Pursuit. The Combat went two rounds, and the Attacker lost 2.9 Morale. So we have a Pursuit Class of 3 on the below chart. Murat gives a +1 to the roll.


Pursuit Roll.

A net 2 is rolled. They do .1 of their 10 Cavalry on the Defending Cavalry on the Casualty Chart, which is 1 Cavalry. The Austrians got lucky.

Final Result:

Le Grande Armee (@Juan_Raigada) takes 4 losses and win the day. Please note your losses on your information sheet and notify me where they are taken privately.

The Austrians (@Matt_W) take 13 losses, 2 of which are Cavalry, lose the day and must Retreat. L’ Empereur (@Juan_Raigada) please tell us here where they shall retreat to. Please also note your losses on your information sheet and notify me where they are taken privately.

Leaders Loss Rolls. No Losses.

Both Armies, confused and disordered couldn’t do much at the end of the day. Murat picked off some Austrian Dragoons, but the day was over. The Battle was over. No advantage was gained.

Thus ends the Austrian Land Phase. Prussia (@Cuthbert) is up next.

General Exposition


The Austrian grenadiers will remain in reserve behind the front lines of infantry!


A surprisingly inconsequential engagement, L’Empererur thinks as he watches the columns maneouver around each other without any decisive commitment.


This should be 2 and 4.

Using the tables, at 0.05, for 38 factors is 2 (20-1 and 18-1) and for 78 factors is 4 (20-1, 20-1, 20-1 and 18-1).

3 and 5 were better for me, but the rules are the rules…


The only possible retreat position is the adjacent depot.

I will update the force display later.

Also, a lot of PP move around after such a big battle. I think it’s France +4, Austria -3


I count 9 losses for me. You added in the round 2 losses twice. I won’t be able to update for a couple of hours.

Napoleon, what blood oaths are you making to propitiate the dice gods? Ah well, it was a bit of a long shot. Charles really should have anticipated the defensive outflank with such a wily opponent.


You are correct. 10 with the pursuit, 2 of which are Cav.


:)… 4 in each round, including a cavalry unit for breaking plus 1 during pursuit. 9 total. I need every factor I can keep!


Vassal file.

Prussia, you’re up!