Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


Sorry, but no.

4 in the first round, 8 in the second. In the second Napoleon rolled 4+1, net 5 (you forgot the +1 for leadership, so in the second round France is using the 0.1 tables not the 0.05 of the first round), so 0.1 loses at 76. 20-2, 20-2, 20-2, 16-2. It’s 8 in the second round.

Final tally: 13 total factors lost (4 + 8 + 1), 2 of them cavalry.

The Umpire was right originally :). That should be 25 factors left in the stack.

I need every loss I manage Austria to suffer :). After all, we did not start this war. But we will end it. Oh we will.


Ah, you’re right. I was trying to view the post on a phone and got mixed up about which round was which. I’ll amend my info sheet.


Just a reminder Prussia (@Cuthbert) , it’s all you.



Oh sorry, I thought you were still figuring out the exact situation. I’ll do it now.


March, 1805

Land Phase, Prussian Land Phase

Prussia is (mostly) at Peace.

Prussia bought one depot in Magdeburg and supplied all corps in the Dutchies. The two corps in East Prussia do not move and are in friendly territory so they automatically pass their forage rolls.

Britannia (@Kolbex) is next!

General Exposition


Mmm, the Prussian corps don’t have permission to cross Saxony, which is still French.


March, 1805

Land Phase, Prussian Land Phase, Hmmmm

Prussia (@Cuthbert) , France (@Juan_Raigada) is correct.

You have choices, three:


1.) You may redo your move, Force-marching one or more corps through Hesse, violating their access. This will require a forage roll (s).

2.) You may move through Saxony, vilating French access for -1 PP. France then has the option to DoW you for -3 PP.

3.) You may let your DOW lapse against the Duchies by doing none of the above.

We wait…

General Exposition


I forgot that force marching requires foraging, unfortunately. Given that Saxony is rightfully Prussian, I think I’ll go through there rather than letting my men starve. -1PP


France (@Juan_Raigada) do you wish to declare war on Prussia?

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


France does NOT enjoy having its sovereignty violated, but in the spirit of the recent peace, we will not punish the Prussians further.

HOWEVER, we will see as aggression any further attempt to gain German minors.


Great Britain (@Kolbex) , please use the above dropbox file for your Turn.

I’ll reduce the PR PP at a later time.


Jolly old General Sir Repl D. and his corps take a holiday in Toulon.


So he does! He could become Viscount Repl D. if he keeps up that kind of bold action!


March, 1805

Land Phase, Spanish Land Phase


Spain (@Mark_Weston) you are up. Time to stop hunting Boar, and to start hunting Algerians.

Please use this Dropbox file:

General Exposition


Napoleon tries very, very hard to be concerned by this development, but finds out he can’t really get himself to care.


Landing right next to Marshal Davout. What could possibly go wrong?


He cared enough to force march his troops to Marsielles, starving a few on the way. Mission accomplished I’d say. :)


Yeah, I need to read the rules more carefully. But after two of the sieges ending unexpectedly, I’m now far less concerned about the southern front, tbh.


March, 1805

Land Phase, Spanish Land Phase, Initial Moves


The Cazador is found in the wilds and this happens.


Prussia (@Cuthbert) are the Algerians in or out?

I believe they can only be out, as they will not fit in the city. In fact that is the case, so they are out.

Chits, Spain and Prussia, if you please.

General Exposition


Can Prussia move part of the corps in as a garrison?


Not now. Only in Reinforcement and in the Land Move can Garrisons be dropped off or absorbed.