Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


France sends ambassadors to the free republic of the United States of America. Surely they don’t see the British dictating their trade with good eyes, given their recent grievances.


I DO remember a certain someone stepping through Mecklenburg on his way to Berlin…

Prussia is happy to trade with our British friends, of course. I hope they like pig iron and potatoes.


Look, we all know minors are not the same as major powers. You are, after all, in the process of conquering one of them.


I stepped through Saxony on the way, one of the staff officers left his teddy bear in the barracks during the handover


March, 1805

Economic Phase Continues

Victory Points are awarded as listed above. Now we are here.

B. The Money and Manpower Collection Step.
C. The Lending Money Step.
D. The Manipulation Step.
E. The Money and Manpower Expenditure Step.

Turkey (@Panzeh) allows Russia (@MiquelRamirez) to use the Black Sea ports for trade. Very kind of him.

Anyone who does NOT wish to trade with Britain, speak now or hold your peace.

American War Roll

No Result

Some exposition on trade and the worksheets

For British Trade (if Britain is trading with you) the power that owns the port gets the Second number and Britain gets the first number above the port’s name, in monies, as shown in the below example:


Enter them here, at the bottom part of your worksheet (notice in this example from Prussia’s sheet, it handily explains the above to you).


Then enter the total for your domestic value here at the top portion.


1. A port is not eligible for trading (domestic or overseas) if it is blockaded, besieged, or occupied by an enemy major power other than the major power controlling the province or minor country in which the port lies.

2. A major power may not trade using any port in a province or minor country if that province or minor country’s capital city is occupied by unbesieged enemy factors.

I am thinking of Venice as a Prime example of these situations.

For American Trade, take your port with the largest Right (Domestic) value and double it. That is your American Trade.

Remember, also:

Any Minor Free States have trade and other Economics done separately. As if they were little major powers. They do not do American Trade however.

Gentlemen, please do your sheets and send them back to me. Any questions, PM me.

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator

Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.

A note on the spreadsheet: supply costs for each month should be negative numbers on the spreadsheet.


Ah, you also got disappointed when you found out, didn’t you?

Also, orange boxes are calculated and should not be filled manually. The spreadsheet is actually pretty amazing. Thanks our moderator for making this phase so easy to manage.


The Tsar notes the gesture of the Sultan and looks forward to find a way to correspond in kind.


My sincerest apologies everyone, I ran over budget. Therefore, two of the corps in the Dutchies will have to forage.

One corps loses 2I, and one loses 4I. Wonderful.

Economic file sent in.


Gentlemen, I await Sheets from Prussia (@Cuthbert), Turkey (@Panzeh) and Great Britain (@Kolbex). That is all.

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


Aw, jeez, I forgot I had that hanging over my head and went out of town until Sunday without doing it.


March, 1805

Economic Phase Continues

And then there was one remaining…

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


The Sheet of Damocles


March, 1805

Economic Phase Continues

Now we are here

F. The Political Status Adjustment Step.

This is the new political status after adjustments.

Does anyone wish to:

H. The Ceding Step. - Cede anything?

I. The New Political Combinations Step (see options 11. I- 11. 6 and 11.8). - Create a new political Combination?

J. The Levy Step. - AU (@Matt_W), RU (@MiquelRamirez) ?

New cossack and/or freikorps counters are placed on the map, if eligible (see, excess cossacks are removed from the map (see and (in December Economic Phases only) feudal and insurrection corps are brought up to full strength (see and

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


I can’t levy freikorps until March, 1809 I believe.


No actions in this phase


No political combinations yet


No actions.


I had a nagging feeling over the weekend that my total income seemed surprisingly high. I finally took a look this morning (amazing what one will do to avoid work…)

So, um, it’s added previous supply costs instead of subtracting them. I clearly need to re-work my sheet (which I’ll do this evening), and maybe everyone ought to check their sheets to see if they’ve done the same thing.


Yep, some of us had the same issue:

I did at first make the same mistake, but in my case it was so, so obvious I caught it fast.