Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


As the ancient Prussian proverb has it:

“That’ll be a yikes from me, Chief”*

*Loose translation from a German word 72 letters long


Very well.

Corps lost: II GREN, III, VI, VIII, IX, II CAV
We will pay reparations in full in June if we are able.


Actually I only lose 5 corps. Fractions are rounded down and I have 11 extant corps. I will roll to select the corps not lost out of the 6 selected above:

Corps to be spared disbandment: III

  • Austrian corps remaining on the map:
    – 1 infantry corps in Mantua repatriated to Trieste
    – 2 infantry corps in Linz
    – 1 infantry corps in Peterwardein
    – 1 cavalry corps in Dresden repatriated to area northeast northwest of Vienna
    – 1 cavalry corps in Linz
  • Garrison in Prague (9 factors) repatriated to Brunn
  • Depot garrison in Vienna Prague (1 factor) repatriated to Trieste Brunn
  • 14 PoW infantry factors returned to Austria to be placed during the reinforcement phase


@Navaronegun Do I get to know the strength of disbanded corps?


My mistake. Didn’t remember you lost a corps due to forage.


You don’t remember the screams of dying men begging for food from behind Bologna’s walls? The sounds of bare feet on pavement because the shoe leather had been eaten? The wails of children with empty stomachs? The awful silence that followed? I can’t unhear them.


Oh, well. Got one Grenadier and one cavalry. Good rolls :P


This was the VII corps not the VIII. More to come soon.


April, 1805

Political Phase Continued

E. The Creating Alliances Step.

F. The Minor Country Control Step. Setup in the order: France,

Russia, Turkey, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, Spain.

G. The Breaking Alliances Step.

H. The Free State Declaration Step.

I. The Declaration of Combined Movement Step.

If Anyone wishes to ally, speak now or hold your peace.

Which powers wish to roll for control of Hesse?

L’ambassadeur de l’exposition



The rules do not specify, nor does the pre-moderated list. Bearing in mind the spirit of Limited Intelligence in this moderated game, I hereby rule: No.

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


Austria will roll for control of Hesse.


Willing to lose more PP?


Ah no. Austria is having issues coming to terms with its new status as a vassal state. Austria refuses the entreaties of Landgrave William.

EDIT: We have no further actions this political phase.


The Sultan will not make a roll for Hesse.


The Tsar stays away from any dice too.


Austria is fickle: having received yet another missive from the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, we have decided to provide advice and support to the new Prince-Elector. We will roll for control of Hesse. Final answer.


Prussia will not roll for Hesse


Spain won’t roll for Hesse


We Roll for No One