Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game



You get a PP and control of the minor, until it falls.

Countries that gain control also have the option of DoWing the Major at war with that minor for 3 PP.


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Can you reject control? I think you can…



No, but you can opt to not try to control a minor before control is determined.

I’ll always assume that all who can attempt control will attempt to do so, unless specifically instructed here (I.E. I won’t hold things up waiting on responses, but if anyone doesn’t wish to vie to control any available minors, they are free to speak up whenever we hit this Step).

Allies of a Major DoWing a Minor may only attempt to control if no other non-Allied Majors of the DoWing Major do not wish to attempt control.


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All right then, I’m just going to put forth a blanket, General, and non-binding policy of accepting control if offered, and making a reasonable defense with the minor’s forces but not declaring war on behalf of it if I have no regional interest.



We’ll always stop and see if anyone wants to DoW in support of a minor.

But yes, generally speaking, there isn’t a whole lot lost by gaining control (maybe a PP from a battle, and the loss of the PP you gained via control when the Minor is conquered, so that is a net break even proposition). Conversely, the controller gets a bargaining chip. Nothing says they have to fight competantly.


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Ok then. Thanks for the clarification.

Are PP lost or won through sieges?


I’ll just pre-empt the moderator’s response here:) Political Points For Siege Assault Combat Winners:

If the assaulted city contains a corps and/or is a “fortress” (has one or more fleches), the defender gets one political point if the besieger loses (is eliminated or broken) or does not win within three rounds, and the besieger gets one political p oint if the city is captured. Record on the POLITICAL STATUS DISPLAY on the Status Card. No political points are ever lost on either side, regardless of the outcome and none are gained if the city has a no corps and/or is not a fortress (has no fleches).



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January 1805

Political Phase

La bonne politique est de faire croire aux gens qu’ils sont libres.

“The good policy is to make people believe they are free.”

— Napoleon

B. The Minor Country Control Step.


Austria (+1), France (+1 PP Zone), Great Britain (+2, +1 PP Zone), Prussia (+1, +1 PP Zone), Russia (+1) and Spain (+1) all roll for control of Egypt.

Austria Rolls a net 4, France rolls a net 3, Great Britain rolls a net 5, Prussia rolls a net 6, Russia rolls a net 3 and Spain rolls a net 7.

Spain gains control of Egypt and gains a Political Point.


France (+3, +2 War, +1 PP Zone), Russia, Spain and Turkey all roll for control of Bavaria. Actually, there is no roll. France will win regardless with a net +6, her minimum net roll is a “7”.

France gains control of Bavaria and gains a Political Point.


Austria (+1), France (+2, +1 PP Zone), Great Britain (+1, +1 PP Zone), Prussia (+1, +1 PP Zone), Russia (+1) and Turkey (+3) all roll for control of Morocco.

Austria rolls net 7, France rolls net 7, Great Britain rolls net 7, Prussia rolls net 4, Russia rolls net 2 and Turkey rolls net 9.

Turkey gains control of Morocco and gains a Political Point.

Political Point Status at this Point

Setup in this order: France (@Juan_Raigada), Turkey (@Panzeh), Spain (@Mark_Weston). Tell me here in-thread where you want the respective forces for that country placed (what they have is publick knowledge, for now).

Turkey and Spain please PM me and notify me if you desire to declare war on the other or not (Turkey to Support Morocco, Spain to Support Egypt).





We await Setups of Bavaria, Morocco and Egypt before announcing DoWs in support of Minors.


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They will go to the Bavarian capital


Set the Moroccan corps in Tangier (where else would it go?)


Hehe, “publick”.



We await the Input of the Spanish Military Advisers in Cairo (@Mark_Weston) regarding Egyptian Dispositions. Then we’ll resolve DoWs in Support of Minors.

Does anyone wish to declare Free States (Step H)?

Do any of Prussia (@Cuthbert) , Austria (@Matt_W) and Great Britain (@Kolbex) want to combine Movement (Step I)?

None of these should impact or be impacted by decisions across the ocean in Africa.



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Prussia is willing to combine movement with her Hapsburg older brother.

And no free states this turn.





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As stated by Prussia, Austria is combining movement with them.

And Venetia will stay under the thumb of the Roman Emperor. No independence shall be allowed.


Turkey gaining Morocco while Spain gains Egypt is just weird. I urge you all to conform to history.



Currently, they are independent Kingdoms who have turned to the (perceived) enemy of their enemy for advice and support.

If Turkey or Spain declares War in support, well, then they become client Protectorates who have turned to the enemy of their enemy.

The situations in Egypt (especially) and Morocco are kind of interesting at this time. Take a gander, if you get a chance, at the easter egg links in the letters in the post above linked here:

Note that the Easter Eggs included in the Narratives aren’t always what they may appear.

Fore example, “Barbary Pirates” isn’t about Barbary Pirates.

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