Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


Egyption deployments:
One Corps in the coastal / desert space directly adjacent to the invading Turkish scum.
One Corps in Cairo.
One Fleet plus 1 factor garrison in Alexandria

Corps strengths by PM to Le Moderateur



This is addition to the one “free” Factor the Egyptians get in the capital, Cairo?

General Exposition


Oh, then I’ve done it wrong. I think I assumed the “free” factor could be in any city.

So 1 factor garrisons in both Alexandria and Cairo.



Turkey and Spain, respectively, do not declare War on the other over Morocco and Egypt, respectively.

Step H - No declared Free States.

Step I - Austria and Prussia Combine Movement


L’ambassadeur de l’exposition

End Politics Phase, January, 1805.

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator

Begin Reinforcement Phase, January, 1805.


A . The Naval Reinforcement Step. The major powers perform this step in the order; Spain, France, Prussia, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Great Britain.

B. The Army Reinforcement Step. The major powers perform this step in the order; Spain, Great Britain, Prussia, Austria, Turkey, Russia, France.

This is mostly moot this month. If anyone wants to:

  • Shuffle strength factors between Fleets stacked together/consolidate Fleets stacked together

  • Shuffle strength factors between Corps stacked together/consolidate Corps stacked together

  • Drop garrisons from Corps/absorb garrisons into Corps

  • Retire Leaders from the Map

PM me by 2359 EST (I’m assuming we don’t have that much to do… this Reinforcement Phase).

Russia (@MiquelRamirez), will you have any Naval Moves this month? If not, I will send the file for Naval moves to Turkey (@Panzeh) at that time.

Admiral (sigh, yet again) Exposition



The HRE wonders whether army factors can also be shuffled during the Land movement phase of each power. We were under the impression that factors could be detached and absorbed into and out of garrisons and corps occupying the same area at any point during that phase as well.



Yes…in your Land Phase however… DETACHING/ABSORBING FACTORS RESTRICTIONS. Regular infantry and/or militia factors may not be detached or absorbed in an area containing enemy corps outside a city. Minor Free State forces may only detach and absorb their infantry factors to and from cities and/or depots within their own country. Detachments cannot empty a corps. All corps must always contain at least one army factor to maintain the corps counter on the map-corps counters may be removed only due to 5.2.3/5.2.4, 7.3.5, 7.4.1 or 7.5.5 and at those times. CONVERTING ARMY FACTORS: Regular cavalry and guard factors detached to serve as garrisons must be converted to regular infantry factors for the remainder of the game; artillery factors may not be detached.


7.5.5 REMOVAL OF CORPS: At the end of a day’s combat, when all casualties are removed, excess corps counters emptied by losses may also be removed from the mapboard. This may cause a change in a commander’s tactical rating for the next day’s combat (see 10. 6.1.2. 1)

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator



Interesting facts; retired leaders this month may be placed with any Friendly Corps next month.

That includes newly controlled Minor Free States, Spain(@Mark_Weston) and Turkey (@Panzeh). Depots can be placed too in the Land Phase…war by proxy…


General Exposition


No changes for Prussia.


Thus ends the January 1805 Reinforcement Phase

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


January 1805

Naval Phase

If a man consults whether he is to fight, when he has the power in his own hands, it is certain that his opinion is against fighting.

Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronté

A. Naval Movement Step

Well, here I am again, unfortunately talking about yardarms and three bells, and that sort of balderdash. I need to speak to Le modérateur about bringing on some Sea Puppy or somesuch to relieve me of these duties.

Anyhow, the first order of this soggy business is for the Défenseur de la nation des commerçants, Le First Lord of the Admiralty (@Kolbex) to choose when he wants to move in the Naval Phase. When, Monsieur ? Answer here or privately but answer you must.

He has opted to go last. Therefore the order is: Russia (@MiquelRamirez), Turkey (@Panzeh), France (@Juan_Raigada), Spain (@Mark_Weston) and Great Britain.

Russia has passed.

Turkey, you are up, France you are next. If anyone wishes to pass, please notify me via PM.


Came for the exposition, stayed for the (slightly anachronistic) shanty.


January 1805

Naval Phase

A. Naval Movement Step

Turkish Naval Movement

So, as you can see, Le modérateur has decided, disappointingly, to keep using me in these salt-water sodden activities, as L’Empereur (@Juan_Raigada) has so kindly granted me un chapeau to aid me in this endeavor. Tres bien

So you can see the Turkish Fleet I has undertaken to sail from Constantinople to the Egyptian Coast:

This costs six of her seven movement points. It carries a Corps and the Grand Vizier himself! As she is at War with Egypt, the Controlling Egyptian Player (@Mark_Weston) may opt to attempt to intercept it as it reaches the Egyptian Coast. This would be akin to intercepting it in an adjacent Sea Zone, per the below rules: Sea Area Interceptions: Except for interceptions in a blockade box, a die must be rolled for each stack attempting to intercept. If attempting to intercept a phasing stack in an adjacent sea area, a 0 or 1 must be rolled on one die. Attempting to intercept a phasing stack in the same area requires a 0, 1, 2 or 3. Nelson Interception Modifier: If the NELSON leader is with the intercepting stack, one is subtracted from the die roll. Intercepting Fleet Movement: If successful, the intercepting stack must be moved to the area containing the phasing stack that was intercepted, if not already there.

If successful, combat is initiated Immediately, during the Movement Phase. If not, the Egyptian Fleet is, as it were, “at Sea” literally and metaphorically, and, if it is still alive, must retreat.

Spain (@Mark_Weston) do the Spanish Advisers in Alexandria recommend to the Egyptian أميرال (Ameeral) that he Intercept the Turks?



Horror vacui, @Mark_Weston.


It’s a long-standing principle of Spanish naval doctrine that one doesn’t interrupt a good lunch, or a siesta, in order to respond to enemy movements. It only encourages them to think they’re important.


Sorry for the slightly slow response. A difficult work day + time-zones.


No worries, take your time :) I’ve just been wanted to see how this first potential battle works out.


Thus ends the January 1805 Naval Phase

Everyone else passes.

The Land Phase begins with Russia and then Turkey soon. France chooses to move after Turkey. Files to be sent


Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


January 1805 Land Phase

Each Country, in it’s turn, will perform the following steps:

A. The Depot Creation/Removal Step’

B. The Land Movement Step.

C. The Supply Step.

D. The Land Combat Step.

(1) Resolve field, limited field and trivial combats.

(2) Resolve siege combats.

E. The Guerrilla Step.

F. * The Conquest Step.

As well, at this time, I will send out a copy of National Military Information Sheets (my copy) via courier to all nations. As well, I will hang a map of the current situation (and Vassal File) here:

Russian Turn (@MiquelRamirez)


Russia is at peace so this should be be shorter than many of the others.

Turkey (@Panzeh) is next.

General Exposition



I have shared this with a few players, here it is for all. I can’t vouchsafe for it’s rigor, however. Caveat Emptor.


General Exposition

EDIT: The Pursuit calculator is most certainly broken (at higher pursuit results, it creates Pursuit Classes that don’t exist…)“7”, “8”). I did’t bother to go through all the Combat tables to make sure they were accurate. The Morale Calculation seems to work just fine. Any other experiences with it?


I haven’t analyzed it too much. It seems to give plausible results to plan offensives, so it’s a decent tool.

I wouldn’t use it for resolution, though. I think that’s actually easier to do manually.