Media Patch for Kotor2 Released

Link - Broken into six pieces together the higher quality movies measure at 1.1 gigabytes compressed. The music package is 140 megabytes. It replaces the mono 10kHz at 48 kbit/s audio in the retail release.

If you haven’t played it or plan on going back you should probably wait a while yet. Team Gizka has yet to release their lost content package. It would include scenes and quests dropped as Obsidian hit deadline as well as a list of bugfixes not included in the official patch.

What exactly does the media pack update other than the music? Textures and models?

It replaces the low quality bink videos with moderate quality bink videos :) I had to watch them in sequence to notice the improvement. I did read that at least one of the movies was not in the retail release, so there’s that. Music though is far improved, it had really been gutted with the compression. There are no changes to models or textures.

When the content pack is done…I will finally buy KOTOR. I’m a Star Wars nut, but cannot tolerate what LA did to this game by pushing it out the door.

Don’t you mean KOTOR2? KOTOR1 was fine.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if they had finished the game correctly the first time around?

How asinine.


Thank you. You are correct.

I really need to proof my rants :(

Is there any sort of KOTOR graphics upgrade? Like reskins that are higher resolution and stuff, but not different? I’ve looked, but haven’t found anything, so I suppouse there isn’t. I just reinstalled KOTOR tonight to give it another play.

Wait another 10 years then maybe. System Shock 2 got one but it’s just about a 10 year old game. :P

What th-? They released a game unfinished? Mark my words, this will set a dangerous precedent!