Media Play out of business 40% off games

Just picked up

Karaoke revolution Party xbox w/mic 30.00
Riddick Xbox 10.00
Romancing Saga 20.00

I presume the URL is

Negatory - the prices he listed don’t match at all. I assume he’s talking about some NorCal shop a lot of the other members will recognize.

I’ve heard of the place but for the life of me I have never seen one.

Media play itself has stores. Those are closing. The online portion will remain open, and as such does not have the lower prices.

Store Locater.

I’m in Nashville TN right now and was out and went to the Mediaplay store. Yes, that is the website and everything was 40% off. Sorry guys it’s stores only.

Well, closest one to me is 473 miles. Might not be worth it.

Media Play
Great Mall Of The Bay
Milpitas CA 95035
(408)934-1844 (162.95mi.)

The only one in CA I think.

I visited the one in North Colubmus last night after a buddy scored 4 xbox 360 games for $35.99 each. However, by the time I arrived, the xbox 360 section was complete wiped out and most of the decent xbox and ps2 games were gone. I will say, though, that it was enlightening (and heartening) to see what games people didn’t want. Crap such as 50 Cent for PS2 and Quake 4 for PC were scattered everywhere, whereas there was a dearth of newer, high quality titles.

I also took note yet again of the devious retail strategy of marking games back up to MSRP(or higher!) before adding the discount. For instance, I saw season 3 of TNG boxed set for $139. Nobody sells it for that price. And NFL 2k3 for $29? After discount that’s a whopping $17! I just picked up NFL 2k5 for $5 at eb games!

For brand new products that are in high demand- like the xbox 360 games- you can do okay; but most of the inventory sells at or near typical cost.

The Media Play near me was wiped out for games. Every single PSP game was gone (they had a ton of UMD movies, though), and while there were a bunch of PS2 and Xbox games left, they were all crap (with the bizarre exception of Phantom Brave, which they had a bunch of, but unfortunately I already have it). I was sort of hoping to score a copy of Soul Calibur III or Legend of Heroes, but no dice.

I did pick up a few DVDs, though. And they have the Cromartie High School box set, and I’m sort of tempted to go back and get it.

I have seen the strangest low prices on Phantom Brave. I saw it in a GameStop for $15 shortly after having paid twice that for it.