Medicine Men: Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser?

Two of my favorit(ish) modern(ish) action heroes together in one movie, and they’re actually just dealing with some “medical dilemma”?

LOS ANGELES – Indiana Jones and “The Mummy” slayer are teaming up on the big screen — to battle not ancient, otherworldly baddies, but a big medical dilemma.

Brendan Fraser will join Harrison Ford for a medical drama set to begin filming in April, CBS Films announced Wednesday. The untitled movie will be the first production for CBS Films, a feature film division established in 2007.

Fraser will play a father who recruits the help of a medical researcher portrayed by Ford. CBS Films said the film’s screenplay is inspired by “The Cure,” a book by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Geeta Anand about John F. Crowley, a former Bristol Myers Squibb executive who started his own biotech company to save his two children from a rare muscular disorder.

So no cliff diving, rope climbing, car chasing, train hopping, horde fighting or ship jumping?

I was hoping for a ‘buddy doc’ action/comedy follow-up to Hollywood Homicide. Oh well.


The cure is not in the flower, but in the rare species of ants that live on it!

Spoiler for what

Why is barstein posting about some made-for-TV Lifetime Network production in the movies forum?


Medicine Man.

Also, this sounds like an interestingly enough story. Both his Kids faces fatal disease, dad leaves job and takes over as CEO of a small biotech company, raises $100 million and saves them.

Part of my initial reaction was the high hopes I had during the first few seconds of seeing those two names together, before reading the details. I’m cool with the story (although I haven’t read it) but these types of stories can be hard to transmute into a great script. Should be interesting to see what they have in mind and how it develops, and the leads they chose make it all the more compelling for me.

Sorry about the stupid thread title.