Medieval Dynasty... looks incredible

Not sure how I missed this, but Steam made the suggestion, and reading overwhelmingly positive reviews it looks amazing.

Yeah that definitely looks like one I’ll be checking out at some point. That sounds very much like the type of game I could absolutely love.

I’ll leave this here:

Oddly, that did nothing to dissuade me from wanting to play it.

It’s not supposed to really, that guy’s schtick is to break every game in the most over the top manner he can. Some of the crap he builds and or exploits is pretty awe inspiring. This one he spent less time breaking and more time just poking fun at it, which was less interesting.

Yeah, it was obvious that a lot of stuff he was intentionally fuckin’ about. I’ll probably poke around for a more “legit” Let’s Play type video to get a better feel for where they are right now.

That said, I’m pretty sure that this is a game I would ultimately enjoy, though I may let it bake a little more. Plus, I’m not really buying “me” stuff until we’re done with the kids’ Christmas shopping. :-)

Yeah, I like that guy’s channel. He used to be one more “normal” Youtuber until he found his schtick: breaking games in stupid ways.

That video was god damned hilarious.

bwhahha, that was a funny video…just wait for the last part.

I got this when it first came out and played it a couple hours just to see what it was like. I don’t wanna play a whole lot more because I don’t want to OD on it before it comes out of early release. But it’s a beautiful game and it runs pretty well. Seemed really in good shape for an early access title.

This game is one of my favorite Early Access games I’ve played. It’s pretty far along, very stable, and very fun. I love the concept of building up an entire village from nothing. Next update brings mounts, which satisfies one of my only gripes (minor) that running around can get tedious. If you enjoyed the building and crafting parts of Conan Exiles, this is very similar. Then add the elements of having to recruit villagers, and raise livestock, farm, develop an economy. So good.

I’ve been watching this game and, if I’m not mistaken, these folks are also working on something like a Wild West or Old West Dynasty, which I’m hugely interested in. I really loved that part of the game in Red Dead Redemption 2 so if they can pull off something similar, I’m down.

This game looks really neat. I think I’ll jump in once the mounts update is live.

The game is $10 off at epic with the coupon right now.