Medieval Mayor

Tilted Mill just announced the spiritual successor to Pharaoh, Zeus, and Caesar III, titled Medieval Mayor. Here’s the site:

Build a city, illuminate the world…

Having received a charter from the king, you must establish, build and govern your city, advancing education, culture, commerce, science and the arts, and providing for the health and prosperity of your citizens. As the city continues to grow, the challenge becomes greater - will your city become a beacon of hope and light to the known world, or will it fall back into darkness? Tilted Mill Entertainment proudly presents Medieval Mayor - real time city-building strategy in the Middle Ages!.

The dark ages are ending and a new day is dawning - it’s the not so spectacular start of the glorious (if you do your job right!) Middle Ages. Your task is to bring the realm from the darkness of its feudal, warring past into the light of a new world of prosperity and culture. As mayor of a burgeoning medieval town you must build and grow the settlement into a thriving center of art, science, religion and government - all the while demonstrating to your beloved king and queen how great and prosperous the city is becoming, but lavishing gifts and tribute upon them, and fulfilling their needs and requests.

With its “easy to learn, difficult to master” gameplay and nearly infinite replayability, Medieval Mayor represents the best the city-building genre has to offer:

Real Time Strategy Gameplay
-resource management
-multiple paths to victory
-endless replayability

Classic City-Building
-housing evolution
-food & goods production
-goals, requests, achievements

Rich Presentation
-dozens of animated characters and buildings
-crisp, colorful graphics
-original musical score
-simple user interface

Sold. Already. Day 1.

I thought Tilted Mill was dead?

Assuming this announcement means that studio isn’t dead, this is wonderful news.

Looking forward to more updates on project. Appreciate the head’s up.

I thought they were closed.
I’m probably a day 2 sell, but like Brian, I’m a sell.

Count me in! I’ll pick this up around day two and a half or two and three quarters.

New thread:

Thanks for the heads-up, Clay.

Like Brian, dfs, and rrmorton, I’m sold.

Day one here as well, just let me know when the beta is and how much money I need to throw at them. Now to replay some Pharaoh and Zeus from GoG.

Chris Beatrice just announced that Medieval Mayor is “taking a nap.” Super sad face!

(Crud, totally should have done the more established thread.)

Ack, no!

This is sad news indeed. I was really looking forward to Medieval Mayor.

I was just thinking about this game the other day and realized I haven’t heard any news about it in awhile… and there wasn’t any new news on the official site. I guess now I know why.

I’m also sad. I was looking forward to this. Hopefully it will get resurrected sooner rather than later.

Dammit. I had a feeling that something like this was going to happen, between no updates on the site and no replies from my emails.

Aaawwwww, booooo!

Missed this thread (precisely!) a year ago, so got real excited when I started reading, and then quite sad when I got to the end. Damn…

If money is the issue, they Really should kickstart this. I think there are enough people with fond memories of Tilted Mill to support that.