Medieval Total War : She won't run captain!

Well I picked up two games today - WarCraft III and Medieval Total War.

WC3 runs like a dream but surprisingly MTW won’t run.

MTW will load to the first menu screens but as soon as I try and enter any game - single, campaign, strategic training, or battle training - the loading screen pops up then the screen goes black and I get a row of green bars at the top of the screen and the computer locks hard requiring a cold reset.

This is the first game that hasn’t run for me in over three years. I checked the help, fan forums etc. and it would appear that a lot of people are having problems with freezes, drops to desktop, campaigns seizing up, save games not loading. Of course you only ever see posts from people having problems on these forums.

Anyone else having problems ?

My system :
Athlon XP 1900+
512MB PC2100 ram
GeForce4 Ti4600 (30.82 driver)
Windows 98SE
DirectX 8.1
SB Audigy
No overclocking
Desktop - 1024x768x32 bit colour

Well I have just spent the last hour or so trying some more options :

Reinstall DirectX 8.1b
Turn AGP Fastwrites off
Set AGP to 2.0x mode
Change to 16bit colour depth
Try the noCD version of MTW
Installed latest VIA 4in1 driver 4.43

None of the above works. I also tried turning down the video acceleration but then MTW pops up a message saying unable to initialise Direct3D.

I also tried the “d” debug mode and that causes an exception fault and crash to desktop.

The only thing I haven’t tried is to use a different nVidia driver (instead of 30.82). I might try that but considering ALL of my other recent games work that is not a desireable solution. Heck if games like MOH:AA and RTCW can run surely this should be a piece of cake for MTW.

There really is nothing fancy about my computer system. It’s pretty much standard fair in the marketplace.

Methinks MTW was taken out of the oven before it was fully cooked. Both JReb and myself have exactly the same problem and we do have slightly different systems.

Well Creative Assembly whats the answer ?

I’ll hold on to MTW until the first patch - if that doesn’t work then I’ll sell it on EBay. This is a real shame considering the game is getting excellent reviews on the 'net and I’d love to be able to play it. Shogun still works perfectly on my current system.

Try the new video driver. You can always revert to an older one later.

Also check your drivers for that Audigy.

The demo did the same for me. Athlon, asus, geforce2,win98se, sblive.

I just gave up and decided I would not buy the game.


That’s a shame, cause it’s a KILLER strategy game. I played the hell out of it for a couple of weeks. I’m waiting for the first patch, not because there’s a lot of bugs, but I want to see what balance changes they make. It’s only crashed on me once, and the only real bug I’ve found is a screwup with the messaging when one of your Cogs is sunk in a storm.

Not kidding on this being an awesome game though. Couldn’t get into Shogun, but this game is a whole nother level of evolution over Shogun. Seriously great strategy gaming.


I tried the nVidia 40.71 drivers and the game still hung. I then went into the BIOS setup and changed my AGP aperture size from 128 to 64. Hey presto the game now runs ! And very nicely too at 1280x960x32bit colour.

Thanks everyone for your help,

The patch isn’t out yet but it seems to have a lengthy list of fixes and improvements. For me it mostly played fine out of the box.

I was looking forward to this game quite a bit but I was surprised that it’s really monopolized my time more than any other title this year (single player campaign) - including my past favorite Morrowind. The combination of meaningful strategic management (and at higher levels of difficulty that can get alot more subtle than you might think) and the great, panoramic, tactical battles have me in permanent one-more-turn mode. There’s alot I’d change or improve but, hey, this one’s a keeper out of the box.

I can only echo your comments Brian now that I have MTW working correctly on my pc. MTW is a classy production with great battles, excellent music and sound effects, and an extremely polished interface.

MTW is a definite Qt3 game.