Meet The Press: Webb vs. Allen

Oh, I’m watching this now and it is a beauty. Webb is just wiping the floor with Mr. Bush Lite.

George Allen isn’t exactly the Right’s A team for debating. He’s the same guy who called an Indian-American camerman a “macaca”. It’s pretty sad when you try to call someone a racial epithet but don’t really know any so are forced to make one up from inside your head.

It’s a real epithet.

I like that he thinks he made the word up.

And can’t stand that Russert decided to focus on the “Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia” line.

I love his defense from that wikipedia article:

Allen has stated that he did not intend the remark as a slur, while his campaign suggested the word was a play on mohawk. Sidarth said that his hairstyle was not a mohawk, but a mullet. However, the Allen campaign provided a picture of Sidarth which shows the side of his head shaved with a more prominent center ridge of hair and without long hair in the back to support their opinion that the hairstyle resembles a mohawk more than a mullet.

George Allen isn’t exactly the Right’s A team for debating.

He’s pretty much C team in general. Some cunning, certainly ambitous and ruthless enough but he has a really poor ear. Had no idea what he was running into over the Disney flap. No one wanted the traffic, no one wanted the 5.25 an hour jobs, and no one wanted a themepark atop a graveyard. He was really last man out on the fiasco, after everyone else had abandoned it.