Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw this can't last

Holy cow, he is not going to last long. He was very positive on Liberal policies and quite negative wrt. Conservative policies. I don’t think he got the memo from his corporate masters that he has to suck Republicans hard. I don’t know what his play is, maybe he thinks his brand is too powerful/established/respected to be pulled. Maybe he thinks that he can make a difference in the time he will be given.

Anyway how long do you think he will last? Or will he change his tune?

Russert was also very positive on Liberal policies, but only in his private life. The only reason to watch Meet the Press up to this point has been the fact that Tim could manage to put that into perspective, and actually be an objective journalist.

My vote is with you: This can’t last long.

Uhm, ok. Look I don’t want to speak ill of the dead, but Russet was anything but objective. He got the memo.

Well, I guess we can disagree. However, in light of the mess that Brokaw’s making of things, I think there’s a good deal of argument to be made that Tim at least did a better job of it, don’t you think?

Depends upon how you define objective. If objective is being deferential to republicans then sure, he was ‘objective’. If objective is calling them on the hypocritical policies and pushing past their spin, then no.

PS: I don’t think Brokaw is messing things up at all, but I do think he will lose his job very quickly or his legacy will be obliterated by the right wing machine.

PPS: He seems way to green for me, so I don’t really agree with his positions.


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Is it really fair to be comparing Brokaw to Russert after one show? Brokaw obviously is a very experienced journalist, but moderating Meet the Press isn’t exactly like doing the nightly news. Russert did the program for 17 years; Brokaw, on the other hand, has only sporadic experience with this type of program.

Brokaw wasn’t great on Sunday’s MtP and needs to work on being a bit more neutral, but shouldn’t he at least get a few of them in to get settled before concluding that he should be canned or that “his legacy will be obliterated”?

He will last through the election, no matter how terrible; Brokaw is probably untouchable within NBC News. He’s doing them a pretty big favor as it is by agreeing to step in for a few months.

Who the hell watches Meet the Press?

I dunno what the big conspiracy deal is in the first place, he’s only supposed to be an interim host anyway.

The rest of the media.

It’s the engine of the jerk-off express.

I watched Meet the Press every week. But there’s no way I’m watching Tom Brokaw for 5 minutes, much less an hour. He’s such a smug ass.

I watched just a bit, and the thing that drove me nuts is that Brokaw stays in newscaster voice mode while he’s asking questions. It doesn’t feel like a genuine conversation.

[quote=Huzurdaddi;1391148]Holy cow, he is not going to last long. He was very positive on Liberal policies and quite negative wrt. Conservative policies. I don’t think he got the memo from his corporate masters that he has to suck Republicans hard. quote]

Have you missed the whole MSNBC run leftward? The Media is figuring out how to cater to viewers. Fox filled in the absence of a rightward journalism. MSNBC has done the same for the left.

NBC’s challenge is to keep the leftward slide of MSNBC off NBC, and Brokaw makes it difficult.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way about Russert. Some of the stuff that came out of his testimony in the Plame affair was fairly interesting in how it confirmed my suspicions that he got his talking points straight from the party leaders.

As for Brokaw, he always struck me as someone who blew with the political winds. I guess it’s not surprising to me that he’s blowing liberal these days but I stopped being able to stand him back during the Republican Revolution in the 90’s.

Anyway, Brokaw is being billed as the interim host.

Meh, its been one week. Williams did a better job the previous week though with whatshisface of S Carolina and the “clean negro” bone head Biden.

Seriously, how can democrats even stand Biden.

Your implication that the big wigs at NBC would want one of their newsman to “suck Repuiblicans hard” is hilarity.

Don’t be jealous.

I agree. Thre press’ job, objectively, is to sit back and let both sides present their lies.

I disagree. That is called stenography, not journalism.

Maybe you outta bring in Peter Mansbridge.