Megadeth / Dream Theater Gigantour

Fuckin’ A! Just got back from seeing them at Irvine. If you like either of these bands and Gigantour is near you, you owe it to yourself to go.

Dream Theater were amazing and I got to sing along to Lie from Awake. And it was great etc. My 16 year old who I dragged along on the basis of seeing Megadeth is now a convert.

Megadeth are on top form (although I could hear Dave’s voice going on the Holy Wars encore). The new guitarist was note perfect on all the Rust in Peace material. Absolutely astonishing. I am hoarse from yelling all the lyrics.

A bunch of other bands were playing first. Fear Factory was horrible. Terrible band, who couldn’t understand why no one was rocking out to them. Here’s a hint: no one really likes monotonic wall of noise stuff for more than a couple of minutes. They should not have been on the 1st stage.

My kid discovered Symphony X (fat, bearded guys about my age with about 1/4 of the chops of Dream Theater) - and will be buying their CDs I suspect. He couldn’t understand why they were on Stage 2, and neither could I.

I discovered that Nevermore have really nice hair, and lots of it. I also enjoyed their set, although my son hated it.

Bobaflex are morons.

Dry Kill Logic have one song. But they played it 8 times (maybe they were supposed to be different, I couldn’t tell).

Life of Agony have a good singer and obvious ability, yet every song stank. There is a reason these guys have been going 13+ years with very little success. If I was them I’d pay for good songs written by other people.


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Will they be coming to VA Beach? Probably not… all we get is fuckin’ country tours this year… yeee fuckin’ haw!

Symphony X is a great band and usually underappreciated. One of the reasons is due to their signing on to a Japanese label for the first couple of albums. They had zero US presence until a couple of years ago, even though these guys live about 10 miles away from me here in NJ. I went to see them in early 2001 for their first home show at some converted Harley garage with no stage, after that they have been really drawing the crowds and moving up. I am also glad not to have to pay $25+ for a cd of a local band anymore. :P

Life of Agony was one of my favorite bands during the early to mid 90s. Their CD, “River Runs Red” really hit home with me. I was working part time in record store (The Wherehouse) and caught them live when they opened for Carcass. The show was the night before a bigger rock/metal concert that I can’t remember.

They have a decent bio up on iTunes. It’s worth checking out.

I saw Fear Factory (as part of a huge bill featuring Clutch, Fight, Sepultura, among others) live and they were ok. “Wall of sound” is a good description of what they do. They mix in some synth keyboards if I remember right.

I guess that concert was here in Las Vegas this past weekend. Too bad I missed it.

Dream Theater hasn’t been the same since losing Kevin Moore. Images and Words and Awake were absolute masterpieces. After that their songwriting and music was sporadically brilliant at best.

Sounds great, man! I’ve been saving my concert dollars for Disturbed and Sevendust who will both be touring this fall. I saw Mustaine and Megadeth with Judas Priest way back on Priest’s Painkiller tour. Good stuff.


Octavium is a return to the quality of Awake in my opinion. After seeing them live I’ve been listening to nothing but DT for the last few days.

erm, i disagree with that opinion, but that’s what opinions are for. i really like Octavarium, but it’s no Awake.

also, as Dante Rising mentioned, they’re not quite the same post- Kevin Moore. Kevin had quite a hand in their songwriting. they’ve tried to replace him twice- though i don’t really think they considered Derek Sherinian as anything other than a hired player. Jordan Rudess, i don’t think, has been given adequate opportunities to fill out those songwriting shoes, and they definately need someone to do that because the duopoly of Portnoy/Petrucci songs is getting a little tired for me.

i still like 'em, though… i’ll likely be waiting to catch them on their ‘Evening With…’ winter/spring tour (when they stop in chicago).