Memento - finally saw it - ok, I get it... but WTF? SPOILER

Warning - if you have not seen Memento, you are about to enter SPOILER HELL.


Ok, this movie was a grand mystery with some truly inventive storytelling. I totally “got” the director’s point of telling the movie in reverse - from each note’s effect and then leaping back to the situation the note was written in. Complete edge of my seat until the bitter end, and that’s grand.

However, I was really into the whole thing of finding out the “truth” of all the manipulation and such that was going on, and while I truly reveled in the confusion I was honestly looking for an ultimate resolution to the whole thing. However, the last 5 minutes of the movie opened up such a huge can of worms and never provided any sort of “ultimate truth” behind the thing. You’re left to forever ponder if what Teddy said was real, who killed his wife, did HE fucking do it, is he Sammy? Oh my god.

Anybody got any ideas on what the “ultimate truth” probably is about that story?

oh, that was me, btw.

I thought Sammy was a cop and he helped solve the original crime but then used Mr. Memory to his own purposes.

Someone give Asher a cigar. That’s what I thought too. Sammy used him as a weapon (most recently in the film to get a trunk full of cash). A weapon that ultimately blew up in his face.

Mark is the astute movie viewer. The ending almost seems lame compared to the rest of the film. Tension is built with no big payoff. I still liked it though.


Wait what? Sammy a cop? How’d you make that leap of logic?

Leap of logic? The last 15 minutes of the movie he’s walking around showing his badge and talking about being a cop, wanting to bust Jimmy, then the final revelation at the end. Dude, you totally missed the entire last 15 minutes of the film if you didn’t catch the not-so-subtle “I’m a cop” thing. The real question, however, is WAS he a cop or not? And furthermore, who the hell was Dodd? It’s quite possible that Dodd was the REAL cop and solving the drug case when Terry and Co. show up and inject themselves into the situation.

This movie has so many “what if?” places to attach potential truths, that you could go on forever thinking of them.

>The last 15 minutes of the movie he’s walking around showing his badge and talking about being a cop, wanting to bust Jimmy, then the final revelation at the end.

Uh, you guys mean Teddy, not Sammy (Jenkins), which is causing the confusion.

Err, I think you mean Teddy. IIRC, Sammy was the guy with psychosomatic antereograde amnesia - the one who killed his wife with insulin injections. I took the question of whether or not the main character was Sammy as a red herring thrown out by Teddy to confuse the main character and save himself, once he saw that his little game was about to bite him in the ass. The film seems to have left it up to the viewer as a judgement call, though.


The key to Memento is that everything Joey Pants explains at the end of the movie is true. With that in mind, I think it’s pretty air tight.

e.g. Guy Pearce killed his own wife with insulin injections. She was raped, but not murdered. Sammy Jenkins was simply the name of someone with the same condition who Guy Pearce had investigated earlier in his career.


Right Tom… and that’s the basis of my question…

Do we actually believe Teddy or not? That could be utter bullshit TOO. The whole movie you’re wondering “how the hell could it be this guy that did it?” and at the end, I still want to think that guy did it. Maybe it’s true, maybe it ain’t. However, Teddy never really BS’ed him. You always thought that he did, because of the “don’t believe his lies” thing on the picture… but once you see how that got there… or, then again, it was a lie?

Nice mindfuck for sure.

ps - I never got Teddy and Sammy confused. I don’t know where “sammy a cop?” came from in that reply. I re-read my post and didn’t see where I said it, or confused that issue.

Oh, this one is easy, Tom. Try explaining Donnie Darko.

timer starts… now.

Thanks, yes. I imagine that’s what they meant and that’s what I was questioning.

Ah, ok… I see it now. Asher went off on the “Sammy used him…” thing. I got self conscious about my comma splicing above and thought maybe I confused you guys… but it was really the professional writer at fault.


Ooh – and then do “Eraserhead”!

Don’t even go there. I watched it once. Now I have to watch it again because I know I missed, oh, maybe 95% of it. :?

/me thinking taking 90 mins to watch an episode of 60 Minutes can’t be all that bad. uhm, can it?

I need to have a sit-down session with someone who understands Donnie Darko.

I thought I got it until the end. Then I realized just how little I understood.

What the hell did it all mean? I don’t even have a guess.

I haven’t seen Donnie Darko since Sundance two years ago (I understand the theatrical release was tightened up a bit), but the point I got from it was that Donnie wakes up on the mountain overlooking his town and gets the chance to go back and replay what should have been the last days of his life. Something like that.

Looking at my notes, the only illumination I can offer is this: “Jake Gyllenhaal, who looks as much like Tobey Maguire as Leelee Sobieski looks like Helen Hunt, plays a high school kid haunted by a gruesome six-foot tall rabbit with a demonic voice. But what starts out as a great metaphor for teenage alienation becomes a convoluted time travel movie, a sort of limp attempt at Harvey meets Back to the Future meets Jacob’s Ladder meets Lost Highway.”

Personally, I prefer Final Destination. Although it’s nice to see the rabbit from Sexy Beast is getting regular work.


Although it’s nice to see the rabbit from Sexy Beast is getting regular work.

That was supposed to be a rabbit???



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And for my next trick, I’ll explain to Tom Chick why Wet Hot American Summer is funny.