Memoirs of a Geisha?

I had high hopes for this film but it’s getting panned at Rotten Tomatoes. Is it really as bad as the reviews say? Based on the poor reviews, we might see The New World instead though it’s not being well-received either.

The criticism I have seen has been exclusively of the “OMG they picked a Chinese acress to play a Japanese role OMG that’s so RACIST and IGNORANT”

I’d like to see them tell the difference between a Frenchman and a German.

I haven’t seen the movie because the premise just doesn’t interest me in the least.

I found the book pretty interesting, but I am not sure how I feel about seeing it as a movie. Not enough fight scenes.

The German’s the one on top. Duh.

I was close to reading the book last year, during my military service in the cold northern region of Norway, as a way of escapism. I didn’t get that far, but watched the movie a few weeks ago. Might not have been amazing, but perfectly decent entertainment for a day when you don’t have much else to do and can immerse yourself in the story. It has its flaws, but also plenty of redeeming qualities.

Actually, Normans and Saxons do look quite different. Even so (generally) Asians do look quite distinctive from one another. Italians and the English certainly have different looks.

Took the woman to see this one recently. Not recommended. Dialog & pacing incoherent. Several strange lapses in action that were never accounted for. Was at least hoping for extravagant cinematography, but since the movie is intended to driven by characters, most of the sets show up extremely dark and muted. Very little in the way of impressive visuals (only one sweeping landscape shot, only one traditional geisha performance of any note). Inconsistent pacing and acting leads to several gaps that make movie’s turning points implausible. (Quite a few turning points toward end of movie.)


Movie has happy ending for some reason. (Didn’t read book, won’t now.) Events that lead up to it are completely arbitrary and circumstances aren’t believable.

For the record, issue with casting actresses isn’t one of racism, but rather that three lead actresses (all of whom of Chinese descent) are among the most popular in Asia. No Japanese actresses with enough star power made the cast, presumably in hopes of bringing in bigger box office bucks. If you’re sharp enough, though, you’ll catch actress Michelle Yeoh’s (Crouching Tiger, Various Jackie Chan movies) thick accent, which cancels out suspension of disbelief for the Japan setting. Not to fault Ms. Yeoh (fine actress), but she couldn’t mask the accent in this one, ends up hurting the film (more).

Just 2 cents here.

The happy ending is in the book, for the record. I remembering thinking “What the shit?” to myself when I read it.

Definitely an excellent book, worth reading for anyone into “realistic fiction” type novels.