Memory question

My system currently has 1Gb of 667Mhz Corsair ram and I’m looking to upgrade to 2Gb of 800Mhz.
My question is which ram manufacturer is the most reliable?
Looking on NewEgg I think it was, most of the “customer feedback” about Corsair ram was negative, usually something like, “one stick is always dead or fails within a few minutes/hours of installing, and good luck dealing with their customer service for a return”.

I’ve also looked at Crucial, Kingston and this OCZ stuff, saw a really good deal on the 2Gb of OCZ for $169.99 US after a mail in rebate.
This sounds almost too good to be true, though the regular price is $194.99, which is much lower than any of the other brands I mentioned.
It’s like they say, “You buy a $50 800W power supply and of course it’s not going to work as well as the $300 one.”
I just don’t want to wind up with $170 worth of crap if I can avoid it.

I almost always buy Kingston memory because i have never had problems with them.

Friends here in the office usually buy memory from GSKILL and think highly of it.

I’ve been happy with TwinMOS cheap-ass sticks, Crucial somewhat-decent-quality RAM
and Kingston (but not SD-RAM). Even mixes of those have worked fine.

I overclock the snot out of my Kingston value ram. 'nough said?